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edm coated wire, edm wire, edm accessories parts, edm brass wire,
Copper Alloy & Profiles

14 Eunsung Co., Ltd.

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    EDM means electrical discharge machinging or Spark machining. Literally, Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a manufacturing process that implements electrical sparks occurred between two electrodes to form a metal shape. By sparks, cuts are made into the metal, creating the desired shape and detaching it from the metal sheet.


    The EDM wire refers to the wire that is used to generate the electrical discharge in the wire EDM machine.


    This wire makes it possible to process very precisely so that this is used in the production of mold and die. Related industries are aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, medical equipment etc. 

    <Advantages of EDM wire produced by Eunsung>

    1.High purity with good quality product is available because the product is produced with material with high purity and original casting technology.

    2.Management of wire diameter even to 0.001mm makes maintain stable wire diameter.

    3.Free from phenomenon of surface peeling by strict surface management

    Stable automatic connection is possible by excellent straightness.

    4.Stable performance in every strength from hard to soft is possible.

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    14 Eunsung Co., Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Ok Man, Kim

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      399 NOKSANSANEOPJUNG-RO, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea

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      Molds,Copper Alloy & Profiles,Other Copper

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    • Company introduction

       Eunsung Co., Ltd was established in 1992 to manufacture and distribute the wire rods made of non-ferrous metals or special alloys.

       Since then, we have worked hard to create a future through state-of-the-art production technology and efficient quality controls. We have demonstrated the world-first quality and services by using standardized production processes, managing the standard dimensions and allowances.

       The moulded non-ferrous alloy wire rods are used as the basic materials for the industries (ship-building, automobiles and communication) as well as for electronic and electric industries.They are supplied in the forms of piece, bolts, rivets, etc. Moreover, our products are also used for apparel or bag zippers, fishing tools, kitchenwares, accessories, hiking shoe rings, etc. Besides, we are producing the packing rings essential for manufacturing of valves (the tightening rings against water, hydraulic and pneumatic pressure, which are used for connections of the pipes made of copper, brass, aluminium, etc.).

       We reassure you of our unswerving efforts to meet your expectations and even impress you with our heart as if we ourselves were customers.

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      • Australia Australia
      • South Korea South Korea
      • Malaysia Malaysia
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      • Eunsung Co., Ltd.
    • Main Product
      • Copper wire_ Brass wire_ Phosphor bronze wire_ Aluminum wire_ Non ferrous metal alloy wire

        Copper wire, Brass wire, Phosphor bronze wire, Aluminum wire, Non ferrous metal alloy wire

      • Excelpipe Tightening Rings

        Excelpipe Tightening Rings

      • EDM WIRE

        EDM WIRE

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