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9 SRTechnology Co., Ltd.

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    Divider is simply dividing the signals as the words.
    Divider is used to divide the signals from the filter or send the divided signal to antenna.
    It divides the input signal to output port as a number of output port. The phase and signal in output ports are same, and only the power is divided. Therefore, it is called Power divider.
    It varies a number of output ports, 2way, 3way 4way or 8way divider, based on the number of output port.

    • World best Insertion loss, Isolation, and V.S.W.R.
    • Very broad application such as LTE, 5G Sub-6GHz, and 5.8GHz WiFi
    • Max 30Watt input power handing
    • Beautiful designed outlook
    • Customized design is available upon request



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    9 SRTechnology Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Ohsup, Kim

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      212-13, Byeoksan Digital valley III,#610, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Electrical Equipment,Wires & Cables

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      SRTechnology is established for supporting RF, Microwave, Avionics, and in Commercial Products. Years of experience have been identified an opportunity today's market to bring together our manufacturing specialist with unique market knowledge.Components are strictly controlled in procurement and manufacturing methods are monitored and improved to ensure that all product specifications are met.All products are fully tested before shipment using advanced test equipment and procedures. SRTechnology engineering personnel can assist with specific design requirements for prototypes or volume quantity. We are very pleased to apply our profound products service to all of the customers for achieving the aim and long-term partnership.You can enjoy our total solution to your business.

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