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9 SRTechnology Co., Ltd.

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    General Information

    Attenuator makes decreasing output power in some module or RF system without distorting or transforming of signal waveform or data when the output power is too high and could cause damage on the system or equipment. There are some reasons to attenuate a power. Attenuator is used to improve the Impedance matching and secure the reliability of circuit. Attenuator is also used to adapt the level between the two different circuits or devices. For example, if there are Power Amplifier(hereinafter we refer to Amplifier as AMP) which output power is +15dBm at the first and then connected duplexer which the input power range is 0 ~ +5dBm, the -12dB of attenuator is used between Power AMP and duplexer to revise the gap of output and input power between both equipments to protect duplexer safely from the exceed input power. Beside of this case, Attenuator is used to attenuate the power when there is not coupler for power monitoring, or even the coupled power seems too high enough to brake connected next equipment, attenuator could be applied to keep safe the equipment from undesired excessive input power.


    – Reliable Power capability, Securing the reliability of circuit and improving the Impedance matching.
    – No Minimum Order Quantity.
    – RoHS Compliant.
    – 1~3 Weeks of fast delivery,
    – Welcome to a Customized product
    – Various Power (1 ~ 500Watt) and Wide frequency range ( DC ~ 18GHz )

    Purchasing Tip

    – Please check which types of connector that you would wish to apply for.
    – Next step is selecting the power, dB and frequency range.
    For example, if you would want to use Attenuator, SMA 2Watt, 1dB, 8GHz, You should select the Attenuator, SMA 2Watts 1dB DC ~ 8GHz. It means that it is recommanded to select the bigger power rated and high or broad frequency range attenuator than which you actually use.


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    9 SRTechnology Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Ohsup, Kim

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      212-13, Byeoksan Digital valley III,#610, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

    • Product Category

      Electrical Equipment,Wires & Cables

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    • Company introduction

      SRTechnology is established for supporting RF, Microwave, Avionics, and in Commercial Products. Years of experience have been identified an opportunity today's market to bring together our manufacturing specialist with unique market knowledge.Components are strictly controlled in procurement and manufacturing methods are monitored and improved to ensure that all product specifications are met.All products are fully tested before shipment using advanced test equipment and procedures. SRTechnology engineering personnel can assist with specific design requirements for prototypes or volume quantity. We are very pleased to apply our profound products service to all of the customers for achieving the aim and long-term partnership.You can enjoy our total solution to your business.

    • Main Product
      • SMA J PCB End Launch 1.6T

        SMA J PCB End Launch 1.6T

      • SMA 2W 20dB 6G Attenuator

        SMA 2W 20dB 6G Attenuator

      • Termination (Dummy Load - E04-A0206-01)

        Termination (Dummy Load - E04-A0206-01)

      • N 10W 20dB 3G Attenuator

        N 10W 20dB 3G Attenuator

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