Creacube : Smart IoT math learning system with Motion and Multiple senses

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    Product name Creacube : Smart IoT math learning system with Motion and Multiple senses Certification CE
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    CREACUBE is a company that designs and develops apps and IOT products and also formulates mathematical learning solutions. We developed an innovative game learning system that supports untact elementary school classes to help the global elementary education market, which is experiencing difficulties in providing untact education after the outbreak of COVID-19. As a way to overcome the disadvantage of untact learning being static for a long time, we made CREACUBE, a math learning IoT device that enables motion sensing instead of learning using a keyboard and mouse. And we also developed 6 types of metaverse learning contents (virtual playgrounds) for this purpose. This ingenious game learning system not only stimulates children's interest and voluntary immersion, promotes the development of multiple senses, and bridges the math learning gap, but this will help children not to suffer from a lack of basic math skills when they return to school after the end of Covid-19.

     A learning system that learns through various movements using IoT devices that support motion recognition in a virtual space (school playground) on the web (multi-language support), and the ‘CREACUBE’, a game learning device using the number of IoT devices,

    ◦ Post-Corona Basic Math Learning Education Tools and Online Learning Content Market ·

    ◦ Can be used in face-to-face and untact classes for children aged 5 to 10 at domestic and foreign child education institutions;



    Target Market

    Sale Strategy


    Toy companies, math institutes, after-school classes, etc

    - Content partnership with math education companies, math academies and educational institutions - Promoting content creation and partnership exclusively for math education institutions


    Low grade in elementary school, families with kindergarteners

    - Launched crowdfunding platform ‘Wadiz’, ‘Kickstarter’ 

    - SNS promotion, influencer marketing, online sales)

    - Participated in domestic exhibitions (Participating in Elementary Education Fair, Education Fair, Confucianism Exhibition)


    Kindergarten, daycare center, after-school classroom, local children's center, etc.;

    - Participated in Public Procurement Service exhibition and registered in Nara Market 

    - After-school classrooms (Ulsan Elementary School, Incheon Elementary School is being used) Helps to bridge the gap in basic mathematics education caused by COVID-19


    Overseas B2C, B2B and overseas procurement markets.

    Participation in overseas untact conferences and education fairs Discover distributors by overseas bases (North America, Europe, China and Other countries)



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    1 CREACUBE Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      9 Gangnamro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Educational Toys

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    • Company introduction

      Creacube Co., Ltd. has corporations both in the US and Korea, was founded in 2017.
      We developed mobile application and IOT devices for learning basic math skills.
      We held a number of patents, and success in global exhibition and contest exhibit.
      We will launch the new version of IOT leaning devices engaged children's tactile and kinesthetic as well as visual and auditory senses, because neuroscience shows that children learn best in a multisensory environment which also won the Minister Education Award.
      Awards and Honors
      2020 Winner of Edu-Tech Enterprise Contest
      2020.12.30. Winner of Best Practices of Consulting Small Business
      2020.12.18. Winner of Patented Technology Prize
      2020.12.18. Winner of Gyeonggi Startup Competition
      2020.10.21. Product of the Year in G-FAIR KOREA




      IOT Times-table cube – smart IOT device for learning basic math supporting online class (non face to face class)
      Target: Age 5-10 (kindergarten to 3 grades in schools)
      Services: Motion sensing IOT device for learning basic math
      - Supporting online class with smart learning games and apps.
      - Engages students in visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile (VAKT) learning through physical Metaverse class contents that interact with learning games.

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      • Creacube _ Smart IoT math learning system with Motion and Multiple senses

        Creacube : Smart IoT math learning system with Motion and Multiple senses

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      크레아큐브 8P 카탈로그 영문.pdf

      CREACUBE_REAFLET_영문 - 복사본.pdf


    • Verified Certificate CE
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