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gas leak detector, partial discharge, ultrasound device, partial discharge test,
Measuring & Analysing Instrument


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    Product name INSPECO X1 Certification -
    Category Measuring & Analysing Instrument Material -
    Keyword gas leak detector , partial discharge , ultrasound device , partial discharge test Unit Size 40.0 * 50.0 * 20.0 cm
    Brand name INSPECO X1 Unit Weigh 6 kg
    origin South Korea Stock 100
    Supply type OEM HS code 9031
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    Inspection data collected by the INSPECO X1 is transferred directly to the android-based mobile device for immediate analysis. Realtime ultrasonic & infrared inspection can be conducted inside a moving vehicle. The user can also access realtime and recorded footages of the facility under inspection.


    INSPECO X1 comes equipped with analytical condition inspection program, allowing the user to accurately measure the degree of discrepancy. The device’s algorithm provides realtime access to measurement values at different stages.

    Hig Sensitivity

    INSPECO X1’s ultrasonic sensor far surpasses its competitors in terms of sensitivity. It is a culmination of 12 years of our research and devotion to utility inspection. With INSPECO X1’s high-sensitivity ultrasonic sensor, it is possible to conduct inspection inside a vehicle traveling up to 30km/h.


    Multiscreen Design for Intergrated Diagnosis


    The screen overlay feature allows for a more comprehensive comparison of the facility under inspection. The infrared inspection screen displays temperature points above the designated temperatures. The ultrasonic inspection screen pinpoints the source of ultrasonic emissions. With INSPECO X1, It is possible to view multiple screens at the same time.




    By conducting integrated ultrasonic/infrared inspection inside a moving vehicle, it is possible to cover a wide area within a short span of time. Accurate and safe inspection is possible with our non-contact inspection method. 




    When conducted individually, ultrasonic/infrared/optical inspections require at least 6 personnel. With INSPECO X1, it is possible to conduct all three inspections at once using only 1-2 personnel. Efficiency is maximized by reducing time/cost/labor


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      South Korea South Korea
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      #6419 BI Center, KYUNGBOK UNIV,. 425 Kyeongbokdae-ro Jinjeop-eup Namyangju-si Gyeonggi, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Measuring & Analysing Instrument

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      INSPECO has led the development in diagnostics through its innovative research in the area of utility inspection since its formation in 2017.


      Drive- by ultrasound inspecion method that wa independently developed by INSPECO is a testament to our determination and innovativeness. Currently, our method is in use by 40 utility companies in 15 countries.



      We have devoted ourselves to the task of researching and developing better utility inspection methods for the past 12 years. Our latest product that integrates ultrasonic, infrared, and optical inspection methods is a culmination of years of field experience and research.

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      • INSPECO X1

        INSPECO X1

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