Eigen Heim Luxury Vinyl Tile Wood

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South Korea
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Eigen Heim
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1 SungwonIS Corp.

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    South Korea South Korea

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    Product name Eigen Heim Luxury Vinyl Tile Wood Certification -
    Category Flooring & Accessories
    Tiles & Accessories
    Material PVC
    Keyword luxury vinyl tile , lvt flooring , flooring luxury vinyl tiles , flooring lvt Unit Size 457.0 * 914.0 * 5.0 mm
    Brand name Eigen Heim Unit Weigh 4 kg
    origin South Korea Stock 80000
    Supply type Available HS code 391810
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    STONETERAIITera2 was reborn by reuniting small pieces like mini grains of sand reflecting on the beach and combining them into one shape. It is a delicate and adorable pattern, but it feels firm. By Reducing the existing Terazzo pattern, you can create various impression depending on the viewing angle by expressing the original feeling of Terazzo and the texture of the stone.
    CONKIt looks like sand scattered on the cement, and this gives characteristics to the ordinary pattern that could be monotonous. As a finishing material that expresses diversity in the floor space by mixing cement with sand and gravel to create the same feeling of concrete mixed, it creates diverse feelings in any space.
    OLAIllustrating the natural flow that emerges from the grains of the stone, it exhibits a feeling of undulation like a raging wave. By shaping waves and ripples that occur on the surface of the water, grants dynamism to space and makes it alive.
    METAThe beauty of stone type patterned by expressing the coldness of exposed concrete and metal as it is. Meta displaying gently the surface texture of metal makes a metal that seems rough and cold at first glance feel warmer and softer.
    VIVOIt expresses the atypical appearance of pattern of sandstone and captures the look of paint dripping and spreading in quiet water. A harmonious representation of the natural, vivid and intense texture of Stone.
    LITHOSThe tough texture of exposed concrete has been transformed into a design that gives stability with an elegantly arranged pattern to whoever sees it. It showcases harmonious stylishness with stone's simple and natural pattern in various spaces.
    TERAZZOWhile it has a cold portrait of artificial stone with synthetic patterns, Terazzo is created to give a feeling of Luxury and serene without being unpredictably cold with a pale tone. Terazzo pattern starting in Italy contains the natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and blend space with excellency, making you want to stay in the space even more.
    PATTERNFABRICWell-Balanced stability obtained from the structure of weft and warp yarns. The conventional structure of weft and warp yarns that move between looms when weaving traditional fabrics and the combination of modern monotone and muted tones maintains a structural balance where tradition and modernity coexist while being faithful to the basics.
    FABRIC llMix & Match adds pop art vivid colors to a textile base that feels like real fabric and is ideal for creating a ingenious space full of vivacity and energy. The constant formula and rhythms that are melted into the superficially composite patterns have tenancy that makes us feel stable. With the stability provided by the routine of the pattern to the flooring, it is designed to feel more accessible and comfortable.
    WOODWOODHarmony of natural color and pattern with a authentic wood impression. It exhibits the fundamental features and wildness of patterns that come from nature, and the colors and textures that change over time.


    CharacteristicsFinishUltra-Bio Coating (Anti-scratch and Durability )
    Wear Layer12mil/20mil/22mil(0.3mm/0.5mm/0.55mm)
    Installation OptionGlue Down/Floating
    Size(mm)457 X 914 mm/178 X 1219
    Overall Thickness3mm/5mm
    Structure7 Hyper Core layers


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    1 SungwonIS Corp.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kang Jin Gu

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      126 Achasan-Ro, Sungdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Flooring & Accessories,Soundproofing Materials,Tiles & Accessories,Waterproofing Materials

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    • Company introduction

      SungwonIS has been known as a leading manufacturer of environmental construction materials in the domestic market, starting its business since its founding in 2008. It has grown to a luxury vinyl tile flooring playe, and it is steadily expanding globally through its brand Eigen Heim.


      Our products are LVT, Carpet tile. Every EIGEN HEIM products received an Eco Label and Green Certificates.

      Our product application range varies from commercial offices, government offices to the hotels and resorts, wedding halls, golf clubs, Commercials, and Medical Facilities.


      SungwonIS has always been trying to make a better place and to live in harmony with nature. 3Hs, communicate with a customer from the Heart, respect Handmade, Harmony with nature are our core values. We believe in better.


      We are a people-oriented company overflowed with passion thinking about healthy, convenient & beautiful space and unceasing growth based on corporate social responsibility.

    • Main Markets
      • U.A.E. U.A.E.
      • France France
      • Indonesia Indonesia
      • India India
      • Malaysia Malaysia
      • Thailand Thailand
      • Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
    • Main Product
      • Eigen Heim Luxury Vinyl Tiles Wood _Eigen Heim LVT_

        Eigen Heim Luxury Vinyl Tile Wood

      • Eigen Heim Luxury Vinyl Tiles Tera II

        Eigen Heim Luxury Vinyl Tiles Tera II

      • Eigen Heim Luxury Vinyl Tiles Meta _Eigen Heim LVT_

        Eigen Heim Luxury Vinyl Tile Meta

      • Eigen Heim Luxury Vinyl Tiles Vivo _Eigen Heim LVT_

        Eigen Heim Luxury Vinyl Tile Vivo

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