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immunity, mycelium, tea, medicinal mushroom,
Herbal Tea

1 Giunchan Co., Ltd.

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    South Korea South Korea

    Product name Giunchan tea Certification HACCP
    Category Herbal Tea Material MYCELIUM COMPLEX 100%
    Keyword immunity , mycelium , tea , medicinal mushroom Unit Size 10.2 * 13.0 * 3.0 cm
    Brand name Giunchan Unit Weigh 6 g
    origin South Korea Stock 10000
    Supply type OEM HS code 2101301000
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    The simplest way to experience the full benefits of medicinal mushrooms.


    The simplest way to experience the full benefits of medicinal mushrooms. 

    Giunchan’s patented technology allows for an enjoyable, healthy tea experience as it removes the bitter taste when drinking. 

    One tea bag can be used for 2 liters of cold water and up to 3 liters in hot water. 

    Giunchan Tea’s tea bags are made from safe paper and all raw materials are processed in a HACCP certified manufacturing plant. 

    There are no toxic ingredients or materials and are safe for children to enjoy as well.


    How to use : one tea bag in a 500ml tumbler or 1.5L allows for 3~4 times of refill a day.

    Giunchan's patented technology allows for an enjoyable, healthy tea experience as it removes the bitter taste when drinking. Giunchan tea's tea bags are made from safe paper and all raw materials are processed in a HACCP certified manufacturing plant. There are no toxic ingredients or materials and are safe for children to enjoy as well.




    Size : (W*H*D) 10.2X 13 X 3 Cm

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    1 Giunchan Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      PARK JONG Yea

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      136 Jiksanro Jiksaneup SeoBukgu Cheonansi Chungnam, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

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      Other Foods,Other Health Care Products

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      We are the first food manufacturer produced and manufactured the Mycelium complex by developing a technology for cultivating a compound the various medicinal mushrooms.

      We produce products safely in the HACCP certification system so that customers can trust and intakes them. We are working hard to provide better quality products with constant research and challenges.

      And we have products which is certified Brand K. ' Brand K ' certification means a product representing Korea. 

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      • South Korea South Korea
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      • Giunchan tea

        Giunchan tea

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        Giunchan our meal series (ChungCheong K-VENTURE Fair_Republic of Korea)

      • Giunchan tea _ChungCheong Fair_Republic of Korea_

        Giunchan tea (ChungCheong K-VENTURE Fair_Republic of Korea)

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      Giunchan tea.pptx

    • Verified Certificate HACCP
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