Soom'Mek, Herbal tea, Supplementary health food, Functional food

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functional food, herbal tea, herbal tea supplement, functional food&beverage,
Herbal Tea

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    Product name Soom'Mek, Herbal tea, Supplementary health food, Functional food Certification HACCP
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    Keyword functional food , herbal tea , herbal tea supplement , functional food&beverage Unit Size 0.0 * 175.0 * 0.0 mm
    Brand name Soom'Mek Unit Weigh 300 g
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    D&L Biochem has been conducting research and development of Liriope platyphylla material, and has confirmed the inflammatory cell inhibitory effect of natural Liriope platyphylla extract, especially in fine dust-exposed inflammatory cells (in vitro) and Ovalbumin-induced animal models (in vivo).


    Liriope platyphylla extract is In vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory effects and stability according to natural materials were confirmed.



    · 맥문동麥門冬(Liriope platyphylla) - perennial grass kind of Lilies


    Efficacy of Liriope platyphylla

    A thick liquidcreating promotion

    we are useful for a dry cough, stag blood, sputum by enriching the lungs after adding a thick liquid.

    It is effective for hemoptysis, hematemesis, chronic bronchitis, chronic laryngopharyngitis, pulmonary emphysema.

    we have reported it is Immune control to Allergy and is effective for antasthmatic through improved structural damage to the lungs and bronchial tubes.

    Improving the passage of blood

    It is to show effect to reduce(degrade) strengthening blood sugar effect, serum neutra lipid and cholesterol concentration

    Immunity Enhancement

    Gami-Saengmaeksan is applicable a related products to be effect Immune boosting elated functions and anti-fatigue.


    Differentiation of SOOM’MEK Products

    Efficacy Verification by Cell and Animal Experiments

    Based on evaluation guidelines from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

    Effects of to relieve inflammation verified.

    Effects to enhance respirator LiriopeplatyphyllaExtracthealth in lung tissue verified.

    Mouse asthma model established.

    Cross verification on the effects relieving respiratory inflammation with HallimUniversity.


    Effects Against Cough and Phlegm Verified Through Human Trials

    Clinical IRB approved.

    Analysis on the effects of Liriopeplatyphyllaextract to enhance the health of respiratory system.

    Effects relieving and reducing cough and phlegm verified.

    Presentation of thesis on human trial results.


    Manufacturing Process Standards

    Toxic ingredients, heavy metals,& residual pesticide test

    Extraction conditions established

    Standardization of Liriopeplatyphyllamaterials.

    GMP, HACCP, ISO22000 certified.OEM

    Research on optimum form


    Method Validation onIndexComponents

    Specificity, linearity and precision(recursiveness & reproductivity) confirmed.

    Limit of detection & quantification identified.

    The analysis in this paper verified the functional suitability in big blue lilyturf extract.

    Suitability of qualitative & quantitative analysis of SpicatosideA verified.


    we recommend it to people like this.

    · Who is concerned about our child's outdoor activities

    · Anyone who is embarrassed by frequent coughs

    · A person who meets people often.

    · Anyone worried about weak bronchial tubes

    · people who talk a lot



    Eat it like this!

    · Perfect for children's bags

    · Tap on my parents' table

    · Easy and straight with a stick

    · Make sure you don't miss it as a package.



    Liriope platyphylla extract (solids 60% or more, 25%) Made in Korea 

    honey 5% Made in Korea, fructooligosaccharide 5%, purified water 65%

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    1 D&L Biochem

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      Lee Eun YI

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      Chungju-si, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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      Herbal Tea

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      Lifecare service for my precious self


      D&L Biochem is specializes in research and development of products suitable for customers for respiratory, immune, and skin health by utilizing "new natural materials" that are harmless to the human body.



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      • Soom Mek_ Herbal tea_ Supplementary health food_ Functional food

        Soom'Mek, Herbal tea, Supplementary health food, Functional food

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