[Skin Care Cream] Skintectonic Recovery Cream

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damaged sensitive skin, recovery cream, soothing care, d-panthenol,
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    Skintectonic Recovery Cream


    A recovery time for distressed and damaged skin.


    Skin needs the relaxing time to recover the skin conditions.

    If soothing and recovery are required due to environmental irritations or artificial damages

    after esthetic skin care, the important thing along with good ingredients is to form a skin

    protective barrier, so generating the recovery environments in which the skin can rest sufficiently.

    Skintectonic recovery cream was designed with the concept of recharge that allows tired skin to rest

    and recover enough.



       ● Product Features

    1. Hypoallergenic soothing & recovery care for damaged skin

        5% of D-panthenol : Derivative of pantothenic acid, a type of vitamin B5

                         Pantothenic acid helps our body create collagen that makes up our skin and hair, and improves skin

                             energy to make our skin smooth and healthy.

                             D-panthenol delivers different benefits from L-panthenol of DL-pantehnol in the repair 

                             and soothing process for damaged skin.


    2. Firm moisture barrier and powerful soothing care to restore the tired skin

        Peptide complex : 6 types of peptide effective for skin recovery and improvement

        D-panthenol : Pro vitamin B5 to balance moisture and oil within deep hydration

         Shea butter : Thick and rich moisturizer extracted form fruits of shea tree

         Aloe cera leaves juice powder : Skin soothing and calming, softer skin texture

         Madecassoside : Delicate care on damaged skin and soothing on irritated skin  



    3. Soft texture white cream filled with hydrating formula



    4. Tested hypoallergenic cosmetic, free of artificial fragrance and color



       ● Recommended to

    - Parched, uneven skin from chronic dryness

    - Fatigued, thinned-out skin from skin barrier loss

    - Sensitive skin from cold wind or other irritants

    - Skin needing recovery after aesthetic treatment


        ● Directions

    Apply toner after facial wash. Spread the cream and tap the skin lightly to let it absorb.


        ● Can I use it after aesthetic or dermatological treatment?

    Skintectonic recovery cream is the best product to use in reducing heat sensation and solving dryness caused by dermatological treatment without irritation.

    When used with skintectonic serum, it helps to recover your skin quickly by full of moisturizing

    and double soothing effects.




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      South Korea South Korea
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      Sun Hee Hwang

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      ​2nd Floor, 72, Jayangbeonyeong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Face Cream & Lotion,Face Mask,Skin Care Serum,Skin Toner,Sunscreen

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      TMC KOREA launched derma cosmetics brand,ELEVEN HUESDAY in 2015. We've been exporting our cosmetics to global markets as a reliable and functional skin care brand. Our partners on each country have been promoting and selling our brand to their customers through online and offline with good reputation under our strong and trustful relationship. 


      The way to recover skin condition is to abide by skin care principle. Eleven huesday based on skin science purses the derma cosmetics that customers do their skincare properly but conveniently at home. In order to provide significant skin care being equivalent to aesthetic treatments and effects, we’ve been making functional products that are formulated with meaningful and effective, especially hypoallergenic, ingredients.  



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