Hi performance Pipe & Duct Insulation

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adhesive tape, polyethylene, pipe insulation, fitting insulation,
Heat Insulation Materials

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    Product name Hi performance Pipe & Duct Insulation Certification -
    Category Heat Insulation Materials Material -
    Keyword adhesive tape , polyethylene , pipe insulation , fitting insulation Unit Size 1000.0 * 10.0 * 25000.0 mm
    Brand name GOLDLON Unit Weigh 0 mg
    origin South Korea Stock 4
    Supply type OEM,ODM,Available HS code 3921901000
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    Hi performance Duct Insulation



    This high performance Duct Insulation made by polyethylene foam with stand-alone bubbled       

    structure, has a low heat conductivity and nonabsorbent material properties to maintain insulation

    performance for a long period. This duct insulation which is being widely used in the industry, such as  Architectural (Factory, Building), Oil & Gas, Plant, Mechanical Facilities and its related, has an  easy      construction process for rectangular as well as circular shape duct type due to its superiority of cutting,

    bending and adhesion.  


    ● Goldlon Duct Insulation is made of semi-rigid, high foamed foam sheet with independent foam 

    structure, providing excellent insulation.         

    ● It is easy to process because it has excellent cutting, bending, and adhesion, and has good applicability to square and round ducts, so it is easy to construct.         
    ● It has excellent chemical and weather resistance and is made of a nonabsorbent material, so that

     the insulation performance does not deteriorate even after a long time.


    ◇ Basic Specification

      - Flame retardant, adhesive tape type and non-adhesive type can be selected

      - Thickness can be produced from 10T(㎜) according to customer's requirements

      - UL Quality certificate obtained instead of CE. 


    ◇ e-book address

      - http://ebook.webpartners.co.kr/goldnairlon/index.html


    ◇ Shipment/ Product

      - Shipment available within 3weeks or 1month after order

      - OEM/ODM available

        If there is a situation in which the product needs to be slightly modified and supplied according to 

        the work site of each local industry, Airlon, we can easioly accept and supply the product along 

        with the provision of information on the test condition of the orderer.


     Machine transfer or joint venture establishment along with technology transfer

         We also proposes a plan to sell making line at lower price through transferring technology to 

         companies that want production along with production guarantees for machines.


    If you need product information for the practical review, we'll send you the sample.






    Hi-Performance Pipe Insulation 



    Pipe Insulation Material


    This high performance insulation product as polyethylene foam with stand-alone bubbled strucure has a low

    heat conductivity for effect of insulation, and is made of non-absorbent material to maintain insulation

    performance for a long peiod of time.

    This insulatio for pipe which is being widely used such as air conditioner, general water piping, cars, ships,

    etc. Could be variously produced according to the aging of pipes, its specification, weather conditions like a frost etc. 




    Heat Reflective Air-Cap Insulation


    Heat Reflective AirCap Insulation has easy and quick installation process with a temperature protection in seasonal changes. It basically minimizes the thermal effect from outdoor circumstances by reflecting 97 percent of radiant heat through an aluminum film on the surface. In the area with hot climate, this insulation efficiently  blocks radiant heat to maintain the room temperature coo., and also maintain the room temperature warm by minimizing a current of air from outside the area with cold climate. 


    A) Eco-Friendly Product

    Low Emissivity Insulation Material is high-quality environmental insulation that reduces energy usage by 

    isolating heat convection, conduction and radiation with implementing air-layer into insulation.


    B) Low Emissivity

    An aluminum film coated with Low Emissivity technique blocks out heat-radiation transfer by its principle of

    preventing heat discharge by closed air-layer in insulation


    C) Heat conduction

    Heat conduction between aluminum films is minimized by bonding mesh-type Polyethylene foams together.


    D) Heat convection

    Closed air-layersystim in insulation prevents convection to improve insulation performance by maximizing

    Low-Emissivity function in an aluminum film.


    E) Weatherproof

    Low Emissivity Insulation has anti-corrosion treatment to prevent from UV rays, harmful gas, alkaline liquid 什om

    cement, and rapid temperature change to maintain consistent insulation performance.


    F) Workability

    Low Emissivity insulation is thin, soft, and lightweight especially very capable of comer bending, and these

    characteristics certainly reduce construction processing time.


    G) Harmlessness

    This environmental-friendly insulation has been approved by Government Certificate Authority because of its own

    manufacturing method that uses thermal adhesion instead of using chemical adhesives. 

    • Thickness & Specification: it could be changed according to orderer.
    • All products are cut and shipped at 2m each length.


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    2 AIRLON Co.,Ltd.

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      AIRLON Industrial Co, Ltd is the specialized company that produces the insulation product such as Polyethylene material for Pipe & Duct, Soundproofing & Anti-Condensation,..., and Expandable Polystyrene

      material for XPS, Low Emissivity Insulation, which are used primarily in construction, facility, Shipping equipment & the other industry.


      With recognition of its high performance and high effeciency of this product, we have obtained Quality certificate and Technology certificate, and also being selected as Eco-Friendly products,

      Airlon has acquired any related Environmental certificate include many other management certificates which are only granted to remarkably performed company. (UL, ISO9001, ISO14000, KSA9001, KCL, KOLAS, KAB,......)

      In line with the worldwide trend's "ZeroEnergy Housing" policy, Airlon, we are now becoming an energy

      efficient company with constant research and continous investment by producing the best-quality insualtion in market.Here we can promise you that we, Airlon, will continuously develop ourselves to a trusted and a beloved professional company for all of you.



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