Arisaem kitchen direct water purifier

Arisaem kitchen direct water purifier

A large-capacity direct water purifier that can be used for drinking or cooking food

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home water filtration system, large capacity water purifier, sink water purifier, cafe water purifier,
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Chang Ha Co Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2014
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Product name Arisaem kitchen direct water purifier Certification -
Category Other Kitchen
Water Dispensers & Purifiers
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Keyword home water filtration system , large capacity water purifier , sink water purifier , cafe water purifier Unit Size 340.0 * 120.0 * 320.0 mm
Brand name Arisaem Unit Weigh -
origin South Korea Stock 100
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Not like drinking water, cooking water should have a strengthened antibacterial sterilizing function for maintaining the freshness of food and for continuous hygienic preservation of it.

 Also, when water purification performance is improved so that reduced water of strengthened antioxidant activity can be supplied from tap water of high oxidizing power, cooking water safe from food poisoning is provided.


What are the causes of food spoilage?

Bacterial spoilage that organic matter decomposes due to action of microorganisms

Oxidative spoilage that food changes due to high oxidative water

Consequently, the method to prevent bacterial spoilage is to strengthen the water purification performance to have antibacterial sterilizing power, and the way to prevent oxidative spoilage is to make water have reducing power so that the freshness of food materials and food can be preserved continuously.


Besides bacterial and oxidative spoilage, one of the important performances of cooking water is to wash and manage food materials.

Food material washing water becomes hygienic and safe cooking water when it has penetration power by amplifying energy so that the particles of water can have a dense structure and water purification performance of strengthened “surface activity” that decomposes foreign substances.


Characteristics of water purification exclusively for both cooking water and drinking water

Strengthening the antibacterial sterilizing function/ Increasing minerals and alkalinity/ Generating hydrogen and hydroxyl ions/ Generating antioxidant substances/ Restraining oxidation and increasing reducing power/ Forming a dense water molecular structure/ Effect of surface activity


The Arisaem water purifier exclusively for cooking provides fresh water good to the body, and if food materials are treated with reduced water, their freshness is preserved for a long time and you will know it changes the taste of dishes.



Reduced water -> For drinking

It would be good to your body, if you routinize taking hydrogen reduced water.

Reduced water that has good absorption maintains your body in a weak alkaline state through acid-base balance and is helpful in excretion of uric acid (toxic substances) from the body.


Reduced water -> When cooking food

If you boil rice with reduced water, the rice would have a shine. Also, if the water is used when making guk (Korean soup-like dishes), jjigae (Korean dish similar to a Western stew) or muchim (seasoned vegetables), the original taste and flavor of the food materials becomes alive.

Reduced water -> For vegetables and fruits

If you wash vegetables and fruits with reduced water, their freshness can be maintained (without being wilted) for a long time and their taste and color becomes better.

Reduced water -> For meat and fish

In case meat or fish is washed with reduced water and kept in a refrigerator, its freshness is maintained, fishy smell is removed and also the taste becomes better.



antibacterial sterilizing effect and generating antioxidant substances

Cooking water purifier for home use

Product nameCooking water purifier for home use (under-sink)Cooking water purifier for home use (wall-mounted)
Model nameAM-202SAM-202W
UseWater purifier for cooking water that generates magnetized waterWater purifier for cooking water that generates magnetized water
PowerPower not requiredPower not required
Water treatment capacity10,000ℓ~12,000ℓ10,000ℓ~12,000ℓ
Main product materialSUS 304-27 stainless steelSUS 304-27 stainless steel
Product size and weight375(W) X125(D) X 345(H)mm / 5Kg350(W) X110(D) X 325(H)mm / 3.75Kg
1st filter375(W) X125(D) X 345(H)mm / 5KgMesh fabric + reduction block +IN sediment + Pi-water ball
2nd filterMesh fabric + reduction block +IN sediment + Pi-water ballSediement +post block+ IN sediment+ceramic balls
Filter replacement cycle12 months when 60ℓ of water is used daily12 months when 60ℓ of water is used daily

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Price (FOB) 222.0 USD transportation Express
MOQ 100 Leadtime Negotiable
Payment Options L/C Shipping time Negotiable

Chang Ha Co Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2014
Business type
Kim Seong Tae
#1611, Gasandigital1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Liquid Foundation,Water Softeners
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

CChang-Ha corporation is a company with grater interest in social responsibility than in profitability

We provide customers values beyond a product itself!
We are an honest company that considerate the growth of our partners' next generation! 

We guarantee employees' stable living and supports for pursuing their personal visions.

We aim to become a company with interest in social responsibility rather than profitability, by growing into a company which all customers,suppliers, and employees value.

01 Alkaline reductionhydrogen water purifier

Arisaem Purifier is a Mineral-Alkaline reduction hydrogen water purifier.
Natural mineral components of this purifier allow you to have safe filtered water at your house or office even without electricity.

Ample minerals enriched by 8 natural germaniums generate alkalescent water.

Fine and natural mineral filter eliminates heavy metal & chlorine/ 

converts water into hexagonal structure which makes water to be absorbed more easily/

and sterilizes water.


Balance of rich mineral reduction water! It was designed to be "carried-on".

Reduction balls consist of 8 minerals form rich minerals are what make Arisaem Bottle a "Handy" water Purifier.

Enjoy drinking healthy hydrogen water everywhere with Arisaem Bottle!


CC cream : Three functions, SPF 50+++ and CC-wrinkle cream, such as whitening.
POZ 3-step maskpack : Single mask pack makes cleansing, maskpack andRegenerating cream simple.(wrinkle Improvement + skinregenerating + moisturizing)
POZ regenerating cream: Skin restoration + moisturizing + skin protection)

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Indonesia Indonesia

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Large capacity water purifier Gimpo plant

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