AMASPAN of sensual touch, dazzling luster, powdery touch to cosmetic feel

AMASPAN of sensual touch, dazzling luster, powdery touch to cosmetic feel

AMASPAN for lingerie, swimming wears and stockings.

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South Korea
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14 / 50
amacolor, amablack, amafit,
Other Garment Accessories
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South Korea South Korea / 2007
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Verified Certificate


Product name AMASPAN of sensual touch, dazzling luster, powdery touch to cosmetic feel Certification CE
Category Other Garment Accessories Material -
Keyword amacolor , amablack , amafit Unit Size -
Brand name AMAZINGSTAR Unit Weigh -
origin South Korea Stock 50000
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Product Information

AMASPAN for lingerie, swimming wears and stockings.

AMACOLOR and AMABLACK and AMAFIT of supremely sensual touch features in both hosiery and socks,

as natural fibers feature in hybrid blends with synthetics and low heat settable spandex.


Velvet touch, brushed surfaces and textured yarns create a grainy yet soft feel.

Matte throughout or semi-bright plush appearance is the focus in hosiery but also infiltrates the sock market.

A luxury mood infiltrates, a touch of noble fibers exaggerates the opulent feel.     


Contrasting levels of lustre in create dazzling through to delustered appearance, all with a luxurious embrace.

Ethereal knits are so fine, they can be pleated and ruched within intimate apparel without disturbing the silhouette.

Fabrics effortlessly glide and embrace the skin with powdery touch to a cosmetic feel, pushing this direction to the next generation of featherweights for all applications.




AMACOLOR has unique property with excellent dye-ability and color fastness in blends with nylon, which is dyed with acid dye stuff.

It can reduce grin-through on textile product, and make color of fabrics deeper and more vivid.


Extraordinary color reflection.

Deeper and darker color shades in blend with nylon.

Better color fastness after washing.

Elimination of grin-through.


20 Denier : $14.02/ Kg.
30 Denier : $13.09/ Kg.
40 Denier : $12.15/ Kg.

There is an emotional connection, the suave and smooth fabrics.

Delicate basics through to engineered constructions appeal for a smooth finish in bra cups.

This direction takes on a sense of luxury, as synthetic and cellulosic fibers provide exceptional fit and colors.


Sensational touch comes to the forefront, delivering high levels of luster through to all-embracing matte applications.

Compact and precise,

There is a sense of opulence from the hand feel, as fabrics with different levels of power caress.


Improved display of deep black,
Grin through prevention.

AMABLACK is the ultimate selection for superior performance wear and a sustainable combination.
2 in 1 solution with Luxury and Performance.

Glitter free and deep shades with enhanced fabric richness.
Enhanced color fastness and Stress resistance with better durability.
Robust Power retention with a difference.

20 Denier : $17.3/ Kg.
30 Denier : $17.3/ Kg.

Clean cut and bonded seams reduce any slowing down, delivering a smoother seamless style and finish.

Surfaces range from matte to brilliance, vibrant in appearance for intense tones.

Soft touch, high powered mesh and circular knits for added dimension in the form of liners.



 AMAFIT for the next gen apparel with weightlessness on the body.

 Revolution in compressed comfort and superior Fit beyond traditional stretch.

 Balanced compressive force across all directions.

 Adaptable across multiple apparel end uses.    


20 Denier : $15/ Kg.
30 Denier : $15/ Kg.


Strong contender for spring and fall delivery, the blissfulness felt through wearing combined with innovative color combination

and graphic relief is further enhanced through the comfort, shape.     


Luminosity features from yarns through to finishes and prints.

Polychromatic print effects.

Perfect surfaces – polished or matte.


Iridescent transfer prints and sublimation prints.

Iridescent PU taping for decorative detail and an extra layer of core compression support. 




Verified Certificate


B2B Trade

Price (FOB) Negotiable transportation Ocean Shipping
MOQ Negotiable Leadtime 14
Payment Options L/C,T/T Shipping time 50


Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
Business type


Mr. Charles Kay
SongJung Dong 562-1 , Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Garment Accessories,Other Apparel & Accessories Machinery,Packing Sealing Adhesive Tapes
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

High-tech AMAZING Co., Ltd. newly reshuffled web site
We move forward to Global Enterprise.
Innovation, brainstorming enable improved exporting.


We pursue efficiency, cost-effective, both's gains.
Endless advance and tireless passion and haltless movement.
Up-to-date Century Company and surplus return and customer first policy.


Main Page " PLAY" click ten classics feast.
Haute epicureanism and aristocratic aestheticism.
We drive Mankind beautiful, World peaceful, Life convenient.


We produce Grade A Hot Fix in Korea factory.
Korea origin bijouterie.


We possess OEKO-TEX CERTIFICATE STANDARD 100 and Standard 100/1 (products for babies and small children).

We own 12 SGS TEST REPORTS and 6 KOTITI TEST REPORTS on Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Domestud, Nail Head, Epoxy Pearl, Convex for Heavy metals contents Test and Appearance after washing Test.


We pass CPSIA Standard Test and New EU Standard Test.
Ours are suitable for RoHS.


Fashion-forward AMAZING of Haute Couture have achieved galloping strides as Total Fashion Producer.


Computerized, automatic, trend machines with CE and ISO9001:2000.
Topnotch Cutting Film next to STELSA, CISORS.
Luxury Heat Transfer Film for splendid dress, sportswear, stage costume, logo, cheering apparel, high heels, handbag, hat, accessories, nail art.


Most items are top grade across Korea.
We persist high quality and high fashion.
We create new material, design, color, shape.


Lead Free Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Domestud are produced of all process in Korea plant.
Crystal and All Colors : zero PPM.
SS4 ~ SS40 and 1.5mm ~ 13mm.


Unlimited widths and customized bottom colors of Hot Fix Tape.
We make less tack film.
When press work, adhesive is not smeared in fabrics.


Customized gorgeous Motif in bulk.
Artistic designers change any format into artwork by re-creation within one day.
Premium Nailhead with diverse shapes.


AMAZING head Hot Fix industry and take the lead in popularizing fashionable trend.
We conduct customer satisfaction policy and customer needs strategy.

Hot Fix embellish outmoded costumes and accessories into up-to-date, stunning chic.

Cutting-edge facilities with computer control system, automated system, quality control system.
Exclusive knowhows and time-honored craftsmanship.


We carry out factory automation, in-house QC.
We focus on ecology fashion and Elegance.
AMAZING-holics are ubiquitous from China to Peru.
Prices are variable according to amount.
Sample, catalogue, color card, demo video are free.
Freight is collect.


Export Standard Packing.
Hot Fix : Polyvinyl, Carton.
Heat Transfer Film, Hot Fix Tape, Spangle : Carton, Pallet.
Machine : Vacuum wooden packing, Pallet.


We crave for long WIN-WIN partnership.
Noblesse oblige.
One-Stop Solution Provider., computer open.


Main Markets

U.A.E. U.A.E.

Canada Canada

U. Kingdom U. Kingdom

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

Italy Italy

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia


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