Grid Scraper for slag removal of laser cutter grid

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    Product name Grid Scraper for slag removal of laser cutter grid Certification -
    Category Other Machinery & Industry Equipment
    Other Metal & Metallurgy Machinery
    Keyword laser machine , laser machinery and tools , laser cutting , laser cutter machine Unit Size 2220.0 * 1480.0 * 100.0 mm
    Brand name HOWTOMACHINE Unit Weigh 1000 kg
    origin South Korea Stock 3
    Supply type OBM HS code 8421999099
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    HowtoMachine's grid scraper product is designed for the purpose of automation facilities where lasers remove slag from laser cutter grids.

    Currently, factories using laser cutters stop the process to remove slag, so workers climb onto the grid and remove it with hand tools, or purchase and remove a first row automatic remover.

    Our products are directly removed by automated equipment machines without interruption of the process, which increases work efficiency. The safety of the worker is also guaranteed. For grid scrapers, the blades rotate to shake off slag on the grid. The blade can be customized from at least 5 rows to up to 15 rows. Existing work takes at least 2 hours to replace the grid, and it takes about 3 hours to remove the hand tool.

    However, our products can clean all rows of slag in at least 30 minutes and are custom-made for all laser cutter brands.

    Functions include manual and automatic driving.

    Manual operation can be operated with a switch, and additional touch panel options will be added when selecting automatic operation. There are a total of three models.

    The "HTMS-2018" model uses a pneumatic motor, and the "HTMS-2019" model uses a hydraulic motor.
    And the latest model, "HTMS-2020," can widen the working radius of workers with hydraulic motors and Cantilever type, 
    so you can clean slag while working wider and secure space.

    HTMS-2018 : pneumatic motor


    HTMS-2019 : hydraulic motor


    HTMS-2020 : hydraulic motors and Cantilever type


    Blade-mounted paddles can have a minimum of 5 to 15 rows.


    All laser cutters are customizing and sold according to the size.


         Input Voltage : 220V 3P

         RPM : 600

         Speed : 5~15(m/min)



         Input Voltage : 220V 3P

         RPM : 600

         Speed : 5~15(m/min)



         Input Voltage : 220V 3P

         RPM : 600

         Speed : 5~20(m/min)

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    1 How to machine

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      "How To Machine" always analyze not only avariety of environments, precise needs for customers

      satisfaction but also provide high-qualitycustomers centered solution which is our business motto. and Also HTMS are highly focusingon the fastest solution that causing many kind of worse issues from thecompany.

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      • Grid Scraper for slag removal of laser cutter grid

        Grid Scraper for slag removal of laser cutter grid

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