Seasoned Roasted Seaweed with Sunflower oil & Olive oil

Seasoned Roasted Seaweed with Sunflower oil & Olive oil

Green Laver made with pure oilve oil from the Mediterranean A combination of flavorful green laver

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South Korea
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Hyang-To Roasted seaweed with olive oil
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laver snack, roasted laver, seaweed snack, roasted seaweed,

Haein English Union Corporation

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
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Product name Seasoned Roasted Seaweed with Sunflower oil & Olive oil Certification -
Category Seaweed Ingredients -
Keyword laver snack , roasted laver , seaweed snack , roasted seaweed Unit Size 125.0 * 320.0 * 10.0 mm
Brand name Hyang-To Roasted seaweed with olive oil Unit Weigh 10 g
origin South Korea Stock 100
Supply type Available HS code 200899

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We think of taste and health, 

We added pure olive oil from the Mediterranean 

Haiin Seaweed is a traditional pillar-type, wholesome seaweed from clean ocean roasted with Korean sesame oil and salt. Haiin seaweed thinks of taste and health. 


-Why Haiin seaweed?

You can only meet the top-quality seaweed made of the best seaweed, fresh oil and wholesome salt at Haiin seaweed. 

⚫First, traditionally made seaweed.

Only use pillar-type seaweed grown in traditional method. 

⚫Second, seaweed with wholesome ingredients

With Korean sesame oil and roasted salt, it is savory yet not so salty.

⚫Third, reliable production environment

It is made in HACCP certified clean environment. Enjoy with full confidence.  


-Checkpoint of Haiin seaweed

1. Pillar-type seaweed with different source

Pillar-type seaweed is grown using traditional method. Pillar is installed in the tidal sea and seaweed farming net is attached to the pillar. During the high tide, farming net is submerged and it is exposed to wind and sunlight during the low tide. It grows in such environment and becomes wholesome seaweed. Naturally grown pillartype seaweed has excellent flavor and fragrance. 

2. ‘More savory and less salty wholesome seaweed’ made of carefully selected Korean sesame oil and roasted salt

100% Korean sesame oil : Savory flavor of Korean sesame oil gives fuller and softer flavor. 

100% Korean roasted salt : With only minimum salt, you can enjoy less salty and wholesome seaweed. 

3.  ‘Safe and reliable seaweed’ made in clean environment

Haiin owned seaweed farm : Haiin seaweed uses the source seaweed grown at the in-house farm. 

Product quality control involves 3 stages from the source seaweed to final product.  

Regular quality control : Secures product safety through in-house 

quality control, radioactive inspection and heavy metal inspection

Clean environment: Production at the HACCP certified production facility


⚫Haiin Olive oil green laver, made with pure olive oil from the Mediterranean 

Flavorful Chungnam Seocheon Green Laver and fragrant olive oil! Recommended to anyone favoring full savory flavor.


⚫Haiin roasted seaweed, made with NON-GMO sunflower seed oil

Clean tasting sunflower seed oil and savory Korean sesame oil! Recommended to anyone favoring crispy and clean flavor.


⚫No antioxidant, No preservatives, No chemical seasoning


⚫Home of Haiin Seaweed, Where’s Seocheon?

Chungnam Seocheon, the biggest seaweed producing area on West coast. 

Seocheon, the largest seaweed producing area, where 95% of seaweed from Chungcheong Province is produced. With clear sea, clean mud flat, abundant marine species, Seocheon has coastline composed of peninsula and bay, and it is the best place for seaweed farming.  

In addition, it is near the Keum River estuary, abundant nutritive salts from the river help seaweed grow healthier and more nutritious. 


⚫Producer of Haiin Seaweed, how is Haiin Fishery Union Corporation?

Company that pursues production of wholesome food and seafood

Haiin is an association of food professionals. With a belief to make wholesome food, Haiin was formed in 1994. 

Using the seaweed grown in haiin own seaweed farm with full care, Haiin pursues to provide the authentic flavor and fragrance of seaweed to the customers’ table. 

In addition, Haiin seaweed is a traditional food quality certified company for the recognition of the quality. It maintains the excellent quality of the traditional food while optimization of manufacture facilities and food safety through external agencies and HACCP certificate. At the same time, it is an association that holds various effort through a product R&D, developed manufacture technology and patent.  



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Haein English Union Corporation

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
Business type
Park Byung Dae
Chungseoro 1300 1, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Product Category
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

Possession of pillar type laver farm (Location : Sea farm in front of Seo-myun Seo-cheongun Chung-cheong Namdo )

■ Manufacture products using raw plants supplied by Haiin CEO's Possession of laver farms(10ha)

■ Equal taste and quality maintenance by our own seaweed farm different of supplies way of other company


Manufacture control according to manual by product line

■ Standardization of manufacture process in accordance with internally designated manufacture control manuals


Optimization of manufacture facilities through external agencies(oec. 2019)

■ Continuous investment to improve the working environment and control hygienic and safe processes

■ Proceeding manufacture and processing facilities inspection according to GMP audit check list through external agencies

■ Based on the results of the inspection, implementation for upgrading existing facilities to optimal facilities


HACCP certificate (7. April. 2020, obtained)

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