Hydro Air Washer, Moisture, Sterilizer, Deodorization, Skin Care

Hydro Air Washer, Moisture, Sterilizer, Deodorization, Skin Care

Only with water! Infinite challenge of the world's smallest and lightest hydrogen

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cleaning, deodorization, sterilization, electrolyzer, hydro air washer
Water Treatment Appliances
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SOOVON Co., Ltd.

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Product name Hydro Air Washer, Moisture, Sterilizer, Deodorization, Skin Care Certification CE
Category Water Treatment Appliances Material -
Keyword cleaning , deodorization , sterilization , electrolyzer , hydro air washer Unit Size 292.0 * 112.0 * 228.0 mm
Brand name SOOVON Unit Weigh 820 g
origin South Korea Stock 100
Supply type Available HS code 850980

Product Information

Only with water! Infinite challenge of the world's smallest and lightest hydrogen

Natural substances: pure water without chemical additives, harmless to human body

Wireless: Rechargeable, wherever you are

Multifunctional: Deodorization, cleaning, sterilization with one spray

 Element symbol number 1 hydrogen / 75% hydrogen in the universe / The world's smallest, lightest and most moist hydrogen

Whether the breathing space is a book... Responsible for the living space...

Pure Breathing! Hydro Air Washer “SOOVON”

Hydrogen is generated by electrolyzing water through an upright platinum double electrolyzer.

The world's smallest and lightest hydrogen penetrates various harmful bacteria and breaks the bacterial membrane.

Deodorize! Sterilization! Airborne bacteria! Fine dust absorption! 124,000 negative ions emitted!

A project to make our house healthy from viruses! SOOVON

Nara Medical University, Japan, which is one of the world's three largest virus research institutes, and Korea have both obtained the certification to inactivate more than 99.99% of the Corona 19 virus.  

An eco-friendly project carried out as a national national project

1. Deodorization_ The positive electricity of the molecule that causes the smell

      and the negative electricity of the hydrogen ion water combine Reduction of odor particles to nature

üToilet smell that gets worse day by day in hot weather
üOur family clothes that smell of sweat
üThe smell of our children as adolescence
üThe smell of side dishes that does not go away, the smell of kimchi, the smell of fish
üNeutralizes various pollutants such as cigarette smell
üThe constant smell of sewage

2. 2. Air management in our house _ Fine dust / Airborne bacteria removal / Negative ion generation

_Most of the fine dust has positive ions, and the smaller 5-nano-level hydrogen ion water has negative ions, so it quickly adsorbs and

  settles fine dust..

üAfter spraying the hydro styler with water in the air, simply wipe the floor and worry about fine dust!
üOK to finish cleaning my home air purifier and air conditioner filter!
üIf you spray it in your child's room, it will give you a clear forest environment.

3. Sterilization management of our house_ Hydrogen ionized water is combined with the cell membrane of harmful bacteria and

     returned to nature .

üKitchen items such as dishcloths and cutting boards that are always dirty
üEvery corner of the sink that never dries up
üEvery nook and cranny of the toilet is questionable even after cleaning

Our family's food warehouse refrigerator  

§Simple operation of the touch screen display
§1 hour continuous use on 1 hour charge
§Continuous spraying with powerful motor pump and ultra-fine


§Produces high-concentration hydrogen water with a special


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SOOVON Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea /
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