SHIFT i Shower Set (Vitamin Essence Shower Filter with Shower Head)

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shower head, eco friendly material, remove chlorine, shower filter,
Bathroom Accessories

1 Heraldsilver Inc.

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    Brand: SHIFT - Made in Korea 

    Product:  SHIFT Vitamin Capsule Shower All in One Set 

                     (Capsule Shower Filter 5ea+ Shower Head 1ea + Hose 1ea + Sediment Filter 1ea)



    1. Repurchase rate in Korea: 78%

    2. Export over 19 countries

    3. Nominated as 2020's Seoul Award Hit item

    4. 100% Genuine Product Certification



    # Vitamin Capsule Shower Head

    1. No residual water

    - Perfect spray angle prevent residual water in the showerhead.

    - Keeps the showerhead hygienically.

    2. Modern & Elegant Design

    - completes your bathroom interior.


    # Vitamin Capsule Shower Filter

    1. Removes residual chlorine in tap water.

    2. Vitamin C with 7 moisturizing ingredients helps skin healthy and safe.

      - coconut oil, shea butter, evening primrose oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera, trehalose.


    # Anti Bacterial Silicone Shower Hose

    1. Automatic drain of residual water

      - Adopted Spiller function keeps the inside of the hose hygienically.

    2. Made with non-toxic safe material.

      - Harmful ingredients including lead, phenol, formaldehyde, cadmium are not detected.

    3. Anti-bacterial design reduces bacteria growth

      - Certified 99.9% anti-bacterial test completed by FITI.

    4. Flexible and Durable with triple layers of silicone

      - 4.25mm thick triple layering makes hose use longer. 


    # Vitamin Capsule Shower Filter(Sediment Filter)

    1. Wider sediment filters remove rust and impurities

      - Made of 500 intricately layered fibers effectively removes 1-5 micron contaminated particles.

    2. Easily check the dirty filter. 

      - Easy to see contamination through the window of the capsule shower device.

    3. Safety-related test completed

       - Rust removal test completed, heavy metal detection test completed, skin irritation tested


    1. Turn the capsule shower device downward to the left.

    2. Remove the used capsule and place the new capsule with the white cap on top. 

    * When inserting the capsule, be sure the white cap faces up.


    [Brand - SHIFT]

    Korea Premium Shower Brand

    "SHIFT" is a combined word of  "Sh"ower and G"ift".

    We want the shower to be a pleasant experience beyond simply washing.


    1. SHIFT Vitamin Capsule Shower Head_white_1ea: 8.4cm X 25cm

    2. SHIFT Vitamin Capsule Shower Filter_5ea: 2.5cm X 4cm

    3. SHIFT i Anti Bacterial Silicone Shower Hose_1ea: 2M

    4. SHIFT Vitamin Capsule Shower Filter(Sediment Filter)_1ea:  3.5cm x 7.7cm

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    1 Heraldsilver Inc.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Eun Hyeon Seong

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      Bongeunsa ro 44gil 48, 2fl, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Skin Care Set,Feminine Hygiene,Bathroom Accessories,Medical Face Mask,Other Medical Consumables

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    • Company introduction

      Herald Silver is the premium personal care Distribution, Marketing company based in Korea. 

      We select the products by the high standard as below.


      1) Excellent quality : Korea No.1 or Only

      2) Finest Ingredients : Organic, Natural, Cruelty Free, Vegan

      3) Attractive Design : Award winner, Simple & Modern

      4) 100% direct sourcing from manufacturer : We can offer the best price to wholesaler.



      [Official partnership]


      1) AER_mask : Korea No.1 premium mask which has over 1million subscribers

      2) RAEL_feminine care / skincare : Korea & US Amazon No.1 organic feminine care

      3) SHIFT_bathroom accessories : 2020 Seoul award win shower filter

      4) Herbloom_clean beauty : Kombucha ingredients rising clean beauty

      5) Ohora_gel nail : Korea No.1 premium gel nail brand

      6) ukiwi_oral care : New Zealand premium propolis oral care which won the reddot, IFDesign



      [Business Area]


      1. Korea distribution

      1) Online : KAKAO, Naver, Marketkurly, Today's house, 29cm, Coupang, etc

      2) Offline : Department store, Oliveyoung, Royal & Company, etc



      2. Global distribution

      1) SEA : Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam

      2) USA, UK, China, MENA, and other global regions 

      3) Cross border ecommerce (Shopee, LAZADA, Shopify) & Wholesale business with local partners



      3. Influencer marketing

      1) Korea : collaborate with 3,000+ influencers in Instagram, Youtube

      https://www.instagram.com/ukiwi_kr/ (repost account)

      2) SEA : collaborate with 3,000+ influencers in Instagram, Facebook, Youtube https://www.instagram.com/herald_silver/ (repost account)

      https://www.facebook.com/Hygienecare.distribution (repost account)

    • Main Markets
      • U.A.E. U.A.E.
      • Australia Australia
      • China China
      • India India
      • Malaysia Malaysia
      • Philippines Philippines
      • Singapore Singapore
      • Taiwan Taiwan
      • U.S.A U.S.A
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
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      • SHIFT i Shower Set _Vitamin Essence Shower Filter with Shower Head_

        SHIFT i Shower Set (Vitamin Essence Shower Filter with Shower Head)

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        Rael Organic Cotton Sanitary pads

      • Rael Vegan Cleanser Oil to Faam

        Rael Vegan Cleanser Oil to Faam

      • SHIFT Vitamin Capsule Shower head

        SHIFT Vitamin Capsule Shower head

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