Catch Me Patch Spot 48ea

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Catch Me Patch
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acne, blemish, patch, pimple,
Other Makeup Tools , Skin Care Set , Other Beauty Equipment , Medical Face Mask , Wound Dressing Equipments

3 Nico Medical Co., Ltd.

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    South Korea South Korea

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    Product name Catch Me Patch Spot 48ea Certification CE , HALAL , HACCP , FDA
    Category Other Makeup Tools
    Skin Care Set
    Other Beauty Equipment
    Medical Face Mask
    Wound Dressing Equipments
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    CATCH ME PATCH Spot Patch is hydrocolloid spot patch which promotes healing the spot and covers the spot naturally! With technologies such as Protection film, Clean Touch, Beveled Edge, Transparent pouch, it is convenient and hygienic to use. Especially with 'Clean Touch', you can put patches without touching patches by hands.


    Technology for Thin Outer Circle for Natural Make-up

    -Thin edge circle to make patches invisible when making-up.
    -To minimize cases of weakened outer circle adhesivity due to contact of water or oil on fingers.

    Protective Film Technology for Dust Free (Patent)

    -To maximize protective environment for patches with dust free film

    -To minimize damage of patches after/during using

    Precise Cutting Technology for Easy Removal (Patent)

    -For easier patch detachment by tearing back-up layer along with pre-cut line


    Clean Touch with Protector Cover Layer (Exclusivity)

    -  No infection with a protector

    -  Touch free, Damage free

    -  Easy Usage (Detachability from base, Easy & Clean Stick)

    F Absorbance of Competitors’ Products is not as good as absorbance of Nico Medical’s Product.

          Also, Absorption Uniformity and Absorption Stability are also not as good as them of Nico Medical’s Product.


    With the utmost effort, we eagerly hope to establish successful business partnership with you!


    üExpert Technologies

    Specialized R&D Resources
    Keeping up with High-end/New Trend of the Int’l Market

    üAbundant Experiences
    Reputable Ability for Medical & Beauty Solution in the Market
    Over 10 Year’s Leading Experiences in Korean Market

    üValue Price
    Outstanding Quality with Competitive Price
    Aiming Perfection of Quality & Price Competitiveness

    üCredit & Support
    Firm Credit & Sustainability as 1st Rank Enterprise in Korea
    Full Support for Customization toward Local Market



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    3 Nico Medical Co., Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Yountak, Kim

    • Address

      2579-2, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Other Beauty Equipment

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    • Company introduction

      Catch Me Patch creates a wet environment based on excellent secretion absorption, adhesion, and ventilation. It promotes self-healing of wounds without leaving scars by preventing secondary infections and scab generation.

      It can be used according to the sizes of the wounds and skin trouble.

      If consumers remove and attach the film on the patch by the first and second directions, it can easily be attached in a second to the spot without touching the patch directly and causing any contamination.

      The beveling method makes the edge of the patch thin and adheres well, so the product can be used anywhere in workplaces or schools as it naturally covers like real skin. Also, its strong adhesive power prevents the product from falling off during exercise or when washing one’s face for a long time and makes it water resistant.

      Its exclusive transparent plastic case helps consumers carry easily and protects the patches from dust and contamination.

      Established in 2010, Nico Medical developed thin-edged acne covering patch as the 1st time in Korea based on innovative technology & innovative automated facilities with patents, and Nico has partnered with major beauty & healthcare brands and drug store chain including CJ

      Olive Young (Care Plus), Kyungdong Pharmaceutical (Aniband), and Coupang (Comet Band),.

      Targeting overseas markets including the USA, China, Southeast Asia, and Europe, it is achieving a high sales growth rate of over 40% on average every year.

      In particular, the company has its own manufacturing technology and patents on the beveling method that processes the edges of patches thinly so that they don’t stand out.

      Its clean touch and back film perforation method allow consumers to easily remove patches without touching them.

      Also, its protective film technology keeps patches clean from foreign substances and germs.


      • Nico Medical Co., Ltd.

      2579-2, Baegok-daero, Mohyeon-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

      Tel: (82-70)5080-1789

      Website: http://www.nicomedical.com

      Showcase: http://www.catchmepatch.com

    • Main Markets
      • China China
      • U.S.A U.S.A
    • Factory Information
      • Nico Medical Co., Ltd.
    • Main Product
      • Catch Me Patch for Acne

        Catch Me Patch for Acne

      • Nicomedical OEM_ODM

        Nicomedical OEM/ODM

      • Her_s Band

        Catch Me Patch Her's Band

      • Catch Me Patch Spot Type

        Catch Me Patch Spot 48ea

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    • Verified Certificate CE HALAL HACCP FDA
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