The Consensus Ultra Concentrated Detergent

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The Consensus
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eco friendly, hypoallergenic, laundry detergent liquid, ultra concentrated,
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    Product name The Consensus Ultra Concentrated Detergent Certification -
    Keyword eco friendly , hypoallergenic , laundry detergent liquid , ultra concentrated Unit Size 11.0 * 24.5 * 20.5 cm
    Brand name The Consensus Unit Weigh 1 kg
    origin South Korea Stock 600
    Supply type OEM,ODM,Available HS code 3402
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    The Consensus Ultra Concentrated Detergent is very spcial detergent. It offers your own detergent selecting variouse dilution ratio for your purpose.  We develop the detergent with good ingredient for human and nature acquired "excellent " at German dermatest, ZDHC certificate( zero of 261 harmful ingredients).

    One bottle of the Consensus ultra concentrated detergent can be diluted to a max. of 20 times with water, saving up to 19 plastic bottles . Even after x20 dilution, the washing power is still good, higher than our best sold product.

    AI washing machine that put detergent automatically accoridng to amount of laundry need low viscosity of detergent  becuse of clogging issue with high visosity detergent.

    Save your strength !( it's only 1.4kg) Save your spce in laundry room( compact size), Save plastic ( dilution bottle can be resued) ,Save your money( one bottle can be used more than 1 year, 380loads) Save our mother earth( the detergent is 100% biodegradable), save your skin( plant derived ingredients, nonionic surfactants).



    ■ Korea's first x20

     Korea's first x20 Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent .

     I t can be used max. 380loads , usable more than uear if 20 dilution under 3kg laundry.


    ■ Reduce of plastic use

     By resuing dilution bottle with 20xUltra concentrated detergent,

     you can save plastic as many as 19 bottles and the bottle is made of 30% recycled palstic

     contributing to protecting the global envirionment


    ■ 100% biodegradable

     The Consensus Ultra concentrated laudnry detergent x20 is 100% biodegradable which consider global environment

     (KTR tested at August 23th, 2021)


    ■ Hypoallergenic

     Made from plant-derived materials such as corn or potato glucose and coconut oil,

     it features hypoallergenic technology that makes it safe for all family members from childrent to adults.


    ■ Low viscosity

     The feature of low viscosity even though it is ultra concentrated prevents the detergent dispenser of a washing achine from being cloffed while in use.




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    8 HB GLOBAL Co., Ltd.

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      Rm.602, Shinyoung PLAZA, 181-2,Dongcheon-dong, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      HB Global Co., Ltd. launched the premium brand “Consensus” and the economical brand “Enbliss” respectively on the slogan "We'll make better for next generation".

      We have aimed at offering good products – Laundry detergent, Fabric softener, Dishwashing liquid, Washing machine cleaner, Multipurpose cleaner, Moisture absorber, etc. - for human body and environment in field of household chemicals, which was awarded with first-ranked in Customer Satisfaction Index, 2015.

      Since the first export to China in Feb. 2016, we have exported our products to Vietnam, India, America, Russia, Mongolia, Cambodia, etc. and expect to expand our export all over the world. Specially, with our own factory, we can provide OEM/ODM service or meet any kinds of buyers’ requirements.

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