chamos acaci CICA Ceramide Toner Pad

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14 Chamos Cosmetic Co Ltd

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    Product name chamos acaci CICA Ceramide Toner Pad Certification -
    Category Face Cream & Lotion Ingredients -
    Keyword toner , cream & lotion Unit Size 600.0 * 0.0 * 0.0 mm
    Brand name chamos acaci Unit Weigh 200 mg
    origin South Korea Stock 500
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    chamos acaci CICA Ceramide Toner Pad


    It is a toner pad that contains Made-In-Korea Centella Asiatica Extract 80% and Ceramide ingredient nd that offers excellent effects in moisturizing and soothing skin. After you washed

    your face with the pure cotton pad, it removes remaining waste matters over your face softly without stimulation, cares old keratin and pores and makes your skin soft and healthy.


    Directions for use:

    1. Pull out a pad with tweezer after you washed your face.

    2. Wipe away your whole face, excluding the rims of your eyes.

    3. Finish by cleansing your face with its back side.

    (Tip : You apply it over dry parts or parts that need to soothe, you may use it like mask packs.)


    - Weight : 60pads/200ml

    1. It contains Made-In-Korea Centella Asiatica Extract 80%, CICA ann Ceramide ingredients.

    2. It is a mild acid pad to meet the best Ph of your skin.

    3. It is a 100% pure cotton pad that has low stimulation and sufficient amount of its liquid.

    It has good absorption force, but low stimulation. It is possible to care your skin with a pure cotton pad only.

    4. it is available to use in many uses it.

    It removes waste matters and makeup residue over skin or waste matters into pores cleanly.

    It is possible to care elbows, knees, backs of your ears or body with much keratin. It cleans your skin and offers moisturization and soothing effect to your skin. It is possible to use it in substitution for mask packs before ging to bed or wearing makeup. You can use it as a soothing pack in case of days that stimulation is heavily from the outside.

    1. Centella Asiatica Extract 80% + CICA ingredients(Madecasoside, Asiaticoside) It contains as much as Made-In-Korea Centella Asiatica Extract 80%, CICA ingredients, soothes skin stimulated from the outside and helps to protect and improve the damage of



    2. Mild acid 00% pure cotton pads

    The best Ph that maintains skin healthy is mild acid. We have made it into Ph 4.5~5.5, to meet skin into mild acid fastly after you washed your face. Also it is sufficient to care your skin with a sheet of the Product only, using thick waffle cotton pads with sufficient liquid and you can use it softly without stimulation, as it is made from 100% pure cotton pad.



    3. it is available to use in many uses it.

    If you wipe away your whole face with it softly, it cares waste matters and keratin into pores softly. Also you may use it over elbows, heels or knees with much keratin. If you apply it over both cheeks or forehead, you can use it in substitution for mask packs. It soothes your skin fastly and supplies sufficient moisture to your skin.(Especially, It will be better if you apply it over your face before you wear makeup.)


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    14 Chamos Cosmetic Co Ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Yoon, ChanMo

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      B-B101, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      We, Chamos Co., Ltd., are manufacturer specializing in natural skin care products and Since 1999, we have been recognized for its excellent quality and a good service in both Korea and abroad.With over 10years of innovative expertise in producing essential and natural skin care product, Chamos Co., Ltd. remains one of the market leader through continuous research and development.Our products are being exported to North America, Asia etc and the private label and skin care products made to order to meet special requirements of natural ingredient and unique purpose are available to supply.We would be grateful for your any inquiries aobut our products and you can be assured that any of your order will be executed completely to your satisfactory. 




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