MESHIL(organic korean plum extract)

3 years fermented organic korean plum extract (natural digestive drink)

$ 8.0 Pieces Min Order Quantity 300 Unit

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South Korea
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2 Week / Negotiable
organic, fermented drinks, korean plum extract,
Coffee & Tea , Drinks


Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2021
Business type
Trading Company
Product name MESHIL(organic korean plum extract) Certification -
Category Coffee & Tea
Keyword organic , fermented drinks , korean plum extract Unit Size 70.0 * 235.0 * 70.0 mm
Brand name MESHIL Unit Weigh 1 kg
origin South Korea Stock 10000
Supply type Available HS code 2009

Product Information

Meshil, what is it?

- A typical Korean traditional fruit.

- A new Korean brand that wants to discover the benefits of this fruit. 

  A tradition with modernity.

- An extract but also a juice made from Korean plum, a new friend of yours for a well-being life.


1) meshil, typical korean fruit

Méshil is a small fruit, close to plum, which grows in the heights in Southern Korea. The white flowers of the tree announce spring from mid-March to early April. Then, the fruits appear to mature from the beginning of June.It’s largely consumed in Korea, but highly unknown in the West. Yet, it’s too good to know its sweet taste, health benefits and varied uses.



In Korea, Boyak signifies the perception that the human harmony is related to the inner balance. To find well-being and serenity, you have to know how to take care of your body. Méshil is the perfect example of this philosophy. It has been used for centuries in traditional Korean medicine to prevent and relieve from fatigue and digestive disorders. We find writings related to its benefits in Dongui Bogam, a book of Medicine written by a royal doctor Heo Jun in 1613. It is time to discover this historic treasure!


3) Looking for the Best quality

Looking for the fruit with unusual qualities, Jake and his teammates traveled the whole country in search of the ideal producer. They discovered a farm in Hadong, a small town of Southern Korea, between the River Seomjin and Mountain Jiri. There, the fruit meshil is cultivated in a traditional way, in the respect of the organic farming, and in a preserved environment which ensured an irreproachable quality.


4) The know-how from ancestors

Fermentation takes a large part of Korean food culture. The isolated geographical environment and the harsh winter have forced people to find a way to preserve food without altering their qualities. The Korean ancestors developed their unique know-how, and for more than 1,500 years, it has been inherited. Our juice Meshil uses this cultural heritage of fermentation to extract the fruit. The fruit is fermented for three years in traditional potteries called onggi. Made of terracotta, they are microporous, "breathe" and ensure a perfect fermentation of food.


B2B Trade

Price (FOB) 8.0 USD transportation Ocean Shipping,Air Transportation,Negotiation Other
MOQ 300 Leadtime 2 Week
Payment Options T/T Shipping time Negotiable
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2021
Business type
Trading Company
1, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Product Category
Coffee & Tea,Other Beverages,Juice
Year Established
Company introduction

HANORGA is the company that develops Korean traditional food or beverage products that can be joyful for world wide customers. We aim to introduce Organic and fermented products that have been well known for Korean but not familier with foreigners. 'Meshil', 3 years fermented organic Korean plum extract, is our first product and we are planning to develop more food and beverages that is good for health and goes with foreign dishes.

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