Splint Biograb / LONG ARM

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tradeKorea provides seller activity to buyers throu gh seller evaluation and measurement according to each item.

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    South Korea South Korea

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    Product name Splint Biograb / LONG ARM Certification FDA
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    How to use


    STEP 1. Check the affected part.


    STEP 2. Select the product that matches the affected part.


    STEP 3. Place the product on the affected part and fix it with the Velcro bands.


    How to adjust


    When the product does not fit the lesion due to size or swelling


    A. Method of molding using water


        1. Remove the air mesh & Velcro bands.

        2. Immerse the part of the entire product that requires molding in water at 60℃~70℃(140℉~158℉).

        3. After about 20~40 seconds, remove it, gently shake it, attach the air mesh, mold it, appropriately on the effected part, and fix it

           with elastic bandage or Velcro band.

        4. Wait for a minute or so, then confirm that the product is completely hardened.


    B. Method of molding using the heat


        1. Place the product in the heater and close the cover.

        2. Turn on the power switch and set the desired heating intensity and time.

        3. When the heating is over, take out the product and mold to the affected part.

        4. Wait for a minute or so, then confirm that the product is completely hardened.




    1. It must be used under the guidance of a specialist.

    2. Caution should be exercised because severe deformation of the product may cause changes in the function of this product.

    3. Do not excessive heat or force on the product.

    4. Be careful when there is swelling in the affected area and do not reuse a product for multiple patients.

    A. It is Ready-made type and it is molded according to the wear part, so it is easy to treat and quick treatment is possible.
    B. Remolding is possible, and appropriate treatments are possible depending on the degree of deformation and the condition of the

        affected part of the same patient.
    C. It is lightweight and excellent in strength.
    D. Using air mesh and Velcro strap band it has excellent ventilation and easy to attach and detach.
    E. X-ray transmission is possible, so you can shoot while wearing the product.

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    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
    • Supplier Activity

    • President

      Yoon Hong Sub

    • Address

      65 Digitalro 9gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

    • Product Category

      Rehabilitation Therapy products

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    • Company introduction

      Business Description

      YBT Solution Co., Ltd. is a medical device company that has developed medical devices with innovative processing methods using natural materials and has continued research and development. In this era when the industry is developing and human life is in danger due to environmental damage, we have been constantly developing technology and making various attempts to become an icon of social change and innovation. Our company is making every effort to contribute to the human environment by using eco-friendly materials. To improve people's health and quality of life, we will always put quality of products first and put trust first based on honest minds.

      Compnay Summary

      Campany Name        YBT Solution   
      C     E     O                Hongsub Yoon
      Corporation               2020. 4. 21.
      Business                   Medical Device
      Address                     65 Digital-ro 9-gil, Geumcheon-gu, 
      Seoul, 08511, Republic of Korea

      Special Comments

      ‌It produces orthopedic medical devices and seeks to expand its business to various fields.
      By providing better products and services to compete with global companies,
      I promise to be the leader of domestic medical devices.

      We will do our best to become a company trusted by customers and a company that leads the future.
      Based on our best technology, we supply only quality products as a differentiated and competitive company, and as an employee, We are working together with a sincere sense of co-worker and a spirit of customer love.
      We will practice customer satisfaction management and future management so that we can always stay ahead of the changing era of infinite competition. We would like to reward your various needs. 

      We ask for your continued support and support.

      Thank you.

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    • Main Product
      • Splint Biograb _ SHORT ARM

        Splint Biograb / SHORT ARM

      • Splint Biograb

        Splint Biograb / LONG ARM

      • Splint Biograb _ FINGER

        Splint Biograb / FINGER

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    • Verified Certificate FDA
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