MAMCARE Humidifier

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MAMCARE Humidifier
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    MAMCARE humidifiers are safe because they only emit pure vapor and leave no impurities behind.


    Due to the nature of humidifiers that absorb particles through breathing, the humidification method is very important. However, so far, most humidifiers have released ultrasonic type products that spray foreign substances into water.

    The MAMCARE humidifier is a heating method that sprays steam after boiling water at 100°C.


    1. It is safe to boil at 100℃.


    2. It is safer because it emits only clean water vapor and leaves impurities.


    3. Since the inner pot and lid are all made of safe stainless steel, you can use it with confidence without worrying about heavy metals, harmful substances, and environmental hormones even when heated.


    4. Because the heated humidifier heats water, the size of the inner pot determines the amount of humidification. MAMCARE heating-type humidifier applies high-speed heat circulation technology to quickly heat through a 6L large-capacity inner pot and provide abundant humidification.



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