Urinebased InVitro Cancer Diagnostic Product

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    It is an in vitro diagnostic product that defines the presence of cancer with urine by early screening. With a single test, you can test for 6 types of cancer and check the results within 20 minutes. 

    Our product is an in vitro diagnostic product that can be easily and quickly examined for cancer at a reasonable price, and it can be collected in a non-invasive way, so it is possible to conduct frequent checkups without side effects or pain.

    Regardless of its expertise, our products can be reached by anyone to test for cancer and be able to expect increase of survival rate by the frequency of the test.







    Early diagnosis is important for cancer. However, many people are delaying cancer screening due to psychological (burden of screening procedures, time burdens, concerns about side effects, etc.) and economic burdens.


    Our product is a primary screening analyzer that uses urine specimens to discern the presence of breast, colorectal, stomach, lung, liver, and pancreatic cancer within about 20 minutes.


    In the case of conventional cancer screening methods, only professional medical personnel can use it, and it takes 3 to 7 days to have the results. Also, taking a sample is painful and there are concerns about side effects.


    Our product is an in-vitro diagnostic device that can be used not only by professional medical personnel, but also by quasi-professional and non-professional medical personnel for cancer screening. It is possible to check the cancer screening results by connecting the device with computers or smartphones, so it can be used in medical institutions and other places such as home and office.


    In addition, urine can be collected in a non-invasive way, so it does not involve any side effect or pain which allows frequent checkups.


    Our in-vitro diagnostic devices allow anyone to easily and quickly screen for cancer, which can increase people's access to cancer screening and improve early diagnosis rates. And it will contribute to alleviating people's fear of cancer and increasing the cancer survival rate.


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    3 Cube Bio

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Eunjong Choi

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      Digital-ro 10-gil Geumcheon-gu Seoul, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Other Monitoring & Diagnostic Equipment

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      CUBEBIOis a Korean biomedical company conducting a global business by specializing indeveloping in-vitro diagnostic devices to discern the existence of cancers andepidemic diseases. Our product portfolio ranges from cancer screening deviceusing urine as a specimen to COVID-19 test kits and other healthcare productlines (Sterilizations, Pet diagnosis, Smart childcare, etc)

      Currently,we’re working with Seoul National University Hospital to carry out an internationalproject to universalize the technology around the globe and are discussingparticipation in the project with renowned hospitals from each country. Untilnow, we’re on discussion with high ranked hospitals in 10 different countriesand aiming more than 100 hospitals in 40 different countries to participate inthis project. Furthermore, we’re actively enhancing the opportunity ofcooperation with medical distributors with close relations with prominenthospitals.

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      • Urinebased InVitro Cancer Diagnostic Product

        Urinebased InVitro Cancer Diagnostic Product

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