from; sea tangle calming gel cream/ moisturizer/ skincare cream/ cooling, soothing  for oily skin

from; sea tangle calming gel cream/ moisturizer/ skincare cream/ cooling, soothing for oily skin

skin soothing , skin cooling, oily skin cream, hypoallergenic facial cream for sensitive/troubled skin, facial cream

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South Korea
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facial cream, cooling cream, moisturiging, soothing cream,
Face Cream & Lotion

Delaluz Cosmetic

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2019
Business type
Product name from; sea tangle calming gel cream/ moisturizer/ skincare cream/ cooling, soothing for oily skin Certification -
Category Face Cream & Lotion Material -
Keyword facial cream , cooling cream , moisturiging , soothing cream Unit Size -
Brand name - Unit Weigh 187 g
origin South Korea Stock 1000
Supply type Available HS code 330499

Product Information

A mild skin soothing & trouble-relieving gel cream with a tangy jelly texture that gently spreads on and refreshes the skin

① A gel fromula soothing cream with healthy sea energy of the East Sea to make the skin comfortable and moist

② A cooling & soothing cream with patented natural extract complex soothing cooler® to soothe the irritated skin and 

     prevent thermal aging

③ Safe ingredient fresh soothing cream for oily skin suffer from oil and subum trouble

④ Over 90 % natural ingredients skin care product that soothes irritated skin in hot and humid summer with plant 

     ingredients from the sea and land

1. A mild sea-colored soothing cream made with deep seawater with rich minerals as its base instead of purified water 

2. Soothing & cooling cream

   : Patented natural extract complex soothing cooler®, with aloe, sea kelp, etc. good for the skin soothing, soothes the skin irritated from air pollution & the sun and prevents thermal aging

3. Sea mustard, spirulina, kelp, sea lettuce, agar – 5 kinds of healthy sea weeds protect the skin and relieve the skin trouble

4. . Natural ingredients  contains over  90%, Skin “health” care cream

5.Fresh and light jelly texture cream melts into the skin softly and quickly, makes your skin stay moisturized

6. No artificial fragrance

   : A safe ingredients sea-colored cream made with natural Malachite Extract


50g / 187g

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27.27 USD

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Inquary, please


80ea / 1box (negotiable)





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Delaluz Cosmetic

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2019
Business type
R.12214, 2F, Business Incubator Center, 1, Hallymdaehak-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea
Product Category
Skin Care Set
Year Established
Company introduction

 Discover fair beauty in nature


"Nature is fair to anyone."

Delaluz presents the fair beauty found in nature.

Like its name that symbolizes 'light' and 'radiance',

for making everyone recover the skin's natural radiance,

it contains naturally derived ingredients and patented recipes.

Present your tired skin time to rest and rebalance.

Through the ingredients directly experienced and carefully selected,

keep the skin that that changes from time to time according to the environment

in good condition with the customized solution of Delaluz!

"The fair beauty from nature, we discover its value."

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Japan Japan

Mongolia Mongolia

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Viet Nam Viet Nam

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