Cheongmokpye - Health food for respiratory

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1 Korea Best Won Co., Ltd.

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    We are Korea Best One Co., Ltd., a company that cares about the health of people. 


    Korea Best One, a producer of natural foods, help people with their health and happiness. Based on accumulated know-how on fermentation, extraction, concentration, separation and purification, and enzyme processing of natural products, we produce the best products, using the best scientifically proven food materials that are used in the herbal medicine. 


    We will do our best to develop dietary supplements, and further new drugs without side effects. Korea Best One Co., Ltd. is a company that contributes to the healthy life of people and brings more happiness to people.

    1. Wellness food for respiratory health 


    2. Wellness food for maintaining and strengthening the health of the respiratory organ: preventing and coping with external stimuli (fine dust) by strengthening the respiratory autoimmunity. These benefits are available once you start to have daily intake. 


    3. Function: If you take the Cheongmogpye product, you will have many benefits (easy swallowing and breathing, less thirsty, good for stuffy nose, improved immunity, prevention of respiratory diseases) when taken for a long time. 


    4. Consumers: People with respiratory problems (especially smokers, urban residents in areas with severe dust and air pollution, those with heavy throat due to speaking for a long time, children, and the elderly) 


    5. Product differentiation 

    • Zero side effects for the human body as the traditional Chinese medicine theory is applied 

    • patent technology for composition (food composition for preventing respiratory diseases from fine dust) 

    • Fermentation technology applied (23 types of yeasts used) 

    • Use of natural materials (no artificial additives) 

    • Cost reduction by the direct transaction of agricultural products and increase in local farm household income 

    • Fruit and honey are used for a smooth taste



    Notes for your Intake


    1. If you have a specific constitution (such as allergic body), take it after checking the product ingredients. 


    2. Be cautious if you are taking medicines (diabetes medicine, blood anticoagulants, blood pressure medications) 


    3. Sediment may sometimes be formed by ingredients, but it is not caused by deterioration. Feel comfortable. Shake it before you take it. 


    4. Please take caution as an opened packet may have a sharp edge. 


    5. Check the intake amount and method before you consume it. 


    ※ This product can be exchanged or compensated according to the Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards announced by the Fair Trade Commission.


    Nutrition Information 

    - Calorie 325kcal/100g, sodium 10mg, carbohydrates 78g (saccharides 50g), fat 0g (trans fat 0g, saturated fat 0g), cholesterol 0mg, protein 2g 


    Production facilities

    - Produced at Gangwon Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative with HACCP facilities and GMP facilities 


    Product composition and specifications 

    - Contents 10ml/packet × 30packets – 1Box 


    Intake amount and intake method

    - Take 1 packet once a day 


    Storage method 

    - Store in a cool place, away from moisture and direct sunlight. Take it immediately since it may deteriorate once it is opened.

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    1 Korea Best Won Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Wnag-kwon Kim

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      1 Gangwondaehak-gil Chuncheon-si Gangwon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

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      Health Care Supplement,Other Health Care Products,Herbal Medicine,Nutrition Supplements

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      • Cheonmokpye

        Cheongmokpye - Health food for respiratory

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