Newspaper Cellulose Fiber Insulation, CellRose 1

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South Korea
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SDB Cell
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cellulose, fiber, heat insulation, newsprint paper,
Heat Insulation Materials

12 KIMYOUNG International TradE Services CoKITES

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    South Korea South Korea

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    • KITA
    Product name Newspaper Cellulose Fiber Insulation, CellRose 1 Certification -
    Category Heat Insulation Materials Material BORATE,customizedadditives,NEWSPRINTPAPER
    Keyword cellulose , fiber , heat insulation , newsprint paper Unit Size 300.0 * 700.0 * 460.0 mm
    Brand name SDB Cell Unit Weigh 15 kg
    origin South Korea Stock 800
    Supply type OEM,Available HS code 481190
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    Feel free to contact at kital(at)kita(dot)net or +821080010013 for whatsapp

    Shin Dong Bang(SDB Cell) - Korean's most loved and trusted recycling paper cellulose fiber brand

    SDB Cell has been commited to the finest solution to your paper cellulose-applicable business for decades.
    National leading manufacturer of Recycling Paper Cellulose Fiber, 
    which produced by all USA-made manufacturing plant(DuraTech) and
    engineered by ACR Industries in USA in 1996 

    , widely applicable at commecial & residential building thermal acoustic insulation, hydro-seeding for fiber mulching
    as well as a wide variety of industrial material additive.

    You can find eventually that product quality of SDB Cell turns out more than or equal to
    those of USA & European major makers at even more competitive cost.

    #KEEP Wood Wide Web ACTIVE together with SDB Cell
    #KEEP COOLER in SUMMER and WARMER in WINTER with Paper Cellulose

    SDB Cell-Rose 1 is Environment-
    friendly Natural Thermal Insulation made from cellulose fibers which is produced by recycling clean segregated high-quality Korean newspapers in an optimal recycling process of all USA-made and -eginnered manufacturing plant (DuraTech+ACR Industries) since 1996. 


    Non-toxic, Non-irritant
    Insect and rodent repellent activity
    Fire flame-retardant
    Excellant thermal insulation
    Outstanding heat protection
    Moisture-regulating effect

    Better sound insulation

    High airflow resistance
    Environment and Climate Protection

    Color : Grey, white
    Density : 0.03~0.05 g/cm3 (JIS R 2618-79) *BD 300-400
    Flame retardant : Grade 3 (KSF 2271)
    Sound absorption : 93.5% NRC (at T45mm ) / Min.0.8 (KSF 2805)

    Thermal conductivity : 0.028~0.037kcal/mh*C (KS L 9106 at 20+/-5*C) / 0.038~0.042 W/m.K
    Airflow resistance : TBI
    Water absorbtion : Max. 10 times of self-load

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    Price (FOB) Negotiable transportation Ocean Shipping,Land Transportation
    MOQ 800 Leadtime 2 Week
    Payment Options L/C,T/T Shipping time 1 Week

    12 KIMYOUNG International TradE Services CoKITES

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      South Korea South Korea
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      KIM Young-Sam

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      Ongcheonbamsil Rd., 121-12, Space Ma Complex,Rm 101, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

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      Food & Beverage,Other Foods,Other Machinery & Industry Equipment,Apples & Bananas,Other Vegetables

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      홍익인간-弘益人間-Pro Hominum Beneficio


      Kimyoung International TradE Service Co.(KITES) is actively engaged in conducting both ex-importer and ex-import consultancy & brokerage agency of local agricultural cooperatives(NongHyup), leading manufacturers and wholesalers of agro F&B industry and is covering food(additives), beverage, agriculture&forestry products and agriculture processing machinery as well as a wide variety of industrial products with a long business background, and we have been devoting our efforts to customer satisfaction in the tenet of 'people before profit(見利思義)' under Korean confucian thinking in good morality.

      Since 2009 we have been in this industry with good reputation in both local and international level.

      We'd like to briefly introduce our products below in which we hope you will find some
      that would suit for your trade.


      The agro-food categories:

      red chili paste(gochujang) & chili powder, red ginseng products, short grain white rice for sushi (Japonica), fresh apple, Jeju mandarine orange, chinese cabbage, Korean yam-prepared product, aged black garlic products 


      The general food & raw materials categories:

      instant noodles ramen(Nongshim), Korean Traditional confectionary(Hangua), Natural Citron Juice Concentrate, Sugaring citron, Ginger sugaring concentrate


      The beverage & tea categories:
      aloe fruit juice, health drinks(Omija&Yam Drink), tea.chrysanthemum flower tea

      The machinery categories:
      Garlic Peeling Plant&Machine Modulars, Industrial Pumps, New/Used Constructional Lift(Elevator, Hoist), Agriculture Processing Machines


      The general commodity catagories:

      Korea-made Stationeries, food additives, sawdust&wood shavings, Paper Cellulose for mulching, insulation, animal nbedding


      Business Referene 


      A member of Korea Int'l Trade Association (#30656042)

      K.FDA Licence (#20140543139)
      Business Registration (#5080673917)

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      • China China
      • Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)
      • Japan Japan
      • Taiwan Taiwan
      • U.S.A U.S.A
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
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      • SDB Cell Eumseong Factory (
    • Main Product
      • Korean Premium Short Grain White Rice

        Korean Premium Short Grain White Rice 'Yangban'

      • Korea Origin Citron tea, Yujacha

        Korea Origin Citron tea, Yujacha

      • Korea Origin Citron Tea, Yujacha

        Korea Origin Citron Tea, Yujacha

      • Newspaper Cellulose Fiber Insulation_ CellRose 1

        Newspaper Cellulose Fiber Insulation, CellRose 1

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