Ochen Red Ginseng Samgyetang Teabag

Ochen Red Ginseng Samgyetang Teabag

Samgyetang Teabag that include Red Ginseng

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South Korea
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chicken soup, ginseng, samgyetang, chicken soup with ginseng,
Other Foods


Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
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Product name Ochen Red Ginseng Samgyetang Teabag Certification -
Category Other Foods Ingredients -
Keyword chicken soup , ginseng , samgyetang , chicken soup with ginseng Unit Size -
Brand name Ochen Unit Weigh 100 g
origin South Korea Stock 1000
Supply type OBM HS code 2106

Product Information


Samgyetang Teabag that include Red Ginseng and many kinds of medicinal haerbs.


Ochen teabag is easliy cookable Samgyetang teabag.


Here’s an easy guide on how to cook Ochen Tea Bags:


Step 1, put one whole chicken with one 50g tea bag in a pot.

Step 2, add water until the chicken is sufficiently covered.

Step 3, add various other ingredients depending on your preferences.


Step 4, cook for about 30min until the meat is fully cooked.



Red Ginseng(Korea) 25%,

Astragalus Membranaceus Bunge(Korea) 15%,

Kalopanax pictus Nakai (Korea) 10%,

Acanthopanax sessiliflorum Seeman(Korea) 15%,

Morus alba L. (Korea) 20%,

Hovenia dulcis Thunberg (Korea) 20%

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2005
Business type
238, Okcheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Other Foods
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Company introduction


Since foundation in 2005, we have been playing a keypart in creating new culture of lacquer here utilizing the lacquer-relatedtechnologies inherited from the previous generations, as the first lacquer expertin Lacquer industrial zone, Okcheon.

 We have beenengaging in production and distribution of “ non-poison lacquer tea bag”,“non-poison lacquer Geumgang lacquer water” after removing toxic substances causingpoison lacquer-getting problem and furthermore, we also developed ‘Mangsan lacquerchicken feet essence which is a processed meat product. The products , fromthis company, intensifying the human immunity, improving the meat quality andenhancing the taste opened the new world to the market of lacquer chicken andlacquer duck which have been Korean people’s traditional food. Besides,CHAM-OT-DEUL Co., Ltd,

 we introducedthe technology to produce the raw material for liquor, fermented soy productsand vinegar from Rural Development Administration and then we are producing andprocessing all kinds of raw materials for Korean lacquer food. We are alsoproducing traditional and conventional lacquer soy bean paste using thelocal-produced bean.

To exploit new business area, we will produce the rawmaterial for Korean medicinal herb utilizing the unique nature of lacquer andwill develop and produce bio-ceramic raw material to provide and utilize it asa new material for future industry. We are now operating the healing programcenter utilizing lacquer by establishing local community jointly with localresidents.


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China China

Taiwan Taiwan

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