PLINIC Single - Plasma Beauty Device, Skin Care, Personal Beauty

Plasma Skin Care Device/Appliance, Portable Beauty Device for skin regeneration, rejuvenation, whitening, wrinkle care, V-line lifting

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skin care and beauty products, face lifting massage machine, facial rejuvenation, beauty &amp&#59; personal care,
Home Care , Skin Care Set , Beauty Devices , Face Massagers


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Nov 23, 2022
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
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Product name PLINIC Single - Plasma Beauty Device, Skin Care, Personal Beauty Certification -
Category Home Care
Skin Care Set
Beauty Devices
Face Massagers
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Keyword skin care and beauty products , face lifting massage machine , facial rejuvenation , beauty &amp&#59; personal care Unit Size 125.0 * 50.0 * 160.0 mm
Brand name PLINIC Unit Weigh 130 g
origin South Korea Stock 50
Supply type ODM,Available HS code 8543702020

Product Information


PLINIC, Plasma Skincare Device



│ Introduction │


What is PLINIC?


"Plinic" is a plasma skincare device that manages your skin, and assists to improve your skin status. Here it comes with Plinic, an affordable compact plasma beauty device that supports you to keep young and elastic skin, that can be used anytime, anywhere at your convenience.



Manage your skin everyday with Plasma


If so, is there any personalized solution for everyone to do daily skincare?


We have researched the plasma technology for a long time with the developers from Samsung, active dermatologists and plasma professionals. By unfailing trials and errors, we have finally developed the technology nearest to nature, to resolve the skin troubles that you are facing these days.

Plasma is the 4th of elements after solid, liquid as well as gaseous. It creates the ionized particles when high energy adds to the gaseous. It is a form of light such as thunderbolt with a tremendous amount of energy. When plasma penetrates to the dermis, it stimulates the fiber cells to vitalize the generation of collagen. As a result, skin regeneration period is shortened, and malignant cells degrade.



│ Features & Effects │



Product Composition & Colors





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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
Recent Visit
Nov 23, 2022
Business type
Sungkyun LEE
#707, Smart Valley A-dong, 30, Songdomirae-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea
Product Category
Facial Care,Other Personal Care,Face Massagers,IPL Beauty Equipment
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Company introduction

PLINIC LABS Co., Ltd.(former name, G1 Partners Inc.) is a company specializing in researchin, developing and manufacturing "Home Beauty Care Devices".

With the aim to provide customized skin care at home, we develop and produce handy skin care devices "PLINIC" using 'plasma' which had been used at Dermatology clinics.


“Plasma” is the ionized material of the 4th state, such as lightning, along with solid, liquid, and gas. It attracts attention from the medical and beauty care industry with its effects of accelerating the skin cell regeneration cycle and sterilization.


* Plasma's main skin care effects


1. Promote Skin Cell Regeneration & Activation

“Plasma energy” is delivered deep into the skin to stimulate collagen fibrous cells in the dermal layer and activates the cells. It eventually promotes skin growth & regeneration.


2. Promote Absorption of Active Ingredients in Cosmetics

A significant amount of “Plasma negative ions” and and “electrical energy”, generated during plasma discharge, push active ingredients of cosmetics to promote penetration deep into the skin.


■ PLINIC Single / Dual (Skin Care Device using Plasma)


[ Features & Effects ]

- Skin Cell Activation: Recovering your skin condition with plasma energy

- Cosmetic Absorption Rate Increase: Deliver cosmetics ingredients to dermis and hypo-dermis and upto 80% increase in the amount of cosmetic active ingredients penetrated into the skin

- Wrinkle Reduction & Whitening: When using wrinkle care and/or whitening ampoule or cream with PLINIC

- Acne Care : Blue (400~480mm) wave lengths eliminate all forms of acne bacteria and bacterial skin infections

- Thermal Massage: The slight and low heat from plasma energy while massaging helps you relax your skin

- V-line Lifting: Reducing swelling and face line care

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