KIMBLADE [Healing PKG] - Wiper blades + Windshield Cleaner + Windshield Treatment

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    Our blade is designed with the angle between the wiper arm and glass in mind, which differs from one vehicle to another. When the silicone material in the upper part or the moving part is in contact with glass, high friction is generated causing vibration and noise. The flexible design of our blade accommodates the need to reduce noise and vibration and makes it compatible with a variety of vehicles.


    We have established a wiper blade finder system, which will allow you to identify the necessary information and specs about the vehicle.

    kimblade wiper blades healing package



    Q. When & where can I provide the car information for the proper wiper specifications.

    A. After the Campaign, we will send a survey for you to provide the information we need to determine the CORRECT KIMBLADE for your vehicle(s).

    Q. How do I check the wiper size and adapter specifications for my car?

    A. You can check by clicking the “KIMBLADE wiper finder” button. When checked, copy the code and paste it to the survey option as many as the number of sets of the Kimblade wiper. Based on the code (car information) entered, we will find the wiper size and deliver the right product to each and every one of our backers. If the information on your car is needed, please refer to the year and the model name stated on the car registration.

    Q. Can I make an additional fund for refill blades?

    A. After closing Kickstarter Campaign and completing the delivery, we are planning to sell refill blades via Amazon and our own online mall. If your silicon blade has been damaged or if you want blades in other colors, you can replace them by purchasing refill blades only.

    Q. Can we purchase a rear wiper as well?

    A. We are planning to develop a rear wiper as many are asking the same question. 

    Q. How do we replace the refill?

    A. We are planning to provide a manual and a QR code for you to watch the video when delivering refill blades.

    Q. Are there any precautions we should be aware of? 

    A. As it is a functional wiper made out of 100% silicon, please keep in mind the following to ensure you enjoy the optimum performance:

    • Be careful not to drop a wiper arm when replacing it as the fall may crack the windscreen. 
    • Wear gloves when replacing the wiper to prevent injuries.
    • Use a soft cloth to remove any hardened foreign substances such as a sticker, resin, and bird excreta or sharp frosts instead of using the wiper. Such action may scratch the silicon blade, causing it to have stripes.
    • Do not apply water-repellent coating substances (wax, water repellent coating washer fluids, and others), chemicals, films, and others. Such an action may cause noise or scraping sounds of the wiper.
    • Clear off dust or sand particles accumulated on the blade with wet tissues or soft cloth when feeling the wiping performance is becoming considerably weakened. If such an action does not have any marked effect, operate the wiper to apply automatic water-repellent coating substances.
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    1 Kimblade Co.,Ltd.

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      • KIMBLADE _Healing PKG_ _ Wiper blades _ Windshield Cleaner _ Windshield Treatment

        KIMBLADE [Healing PKG] - Wiper blades + Windshield Cleaner + Windshield Treatment

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