cheon ha jang sa ham & sausage

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South Korea
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Cheon Ha Jang sa (Jinju Ham in Korea)
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cheese sausage, fresh fish meat, fresh fish meat sausage, snack sausage,
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6 Four Seasons FnC co

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tradeKorea provides seller activity to buyers throu gh seller evaluation and measurement according to each item.

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    South Korea South Korea

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    • KITA
    Product name cheon ha jang sa ham & sausage Certification HALAL , HACCP
    Category Other Instant Food Material -
    Keyword cheese sausage , fresh fish meat , fresh fish meat sausage , snack sausage Unit Size -
    Brand name Cheon Ha Jang sa (Jinju Ham in Korea) Unit Weigh -
    origin South Korea Stock 100000
    Supply type Available HS code 1604203000
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    This is a big hitted product in Korea and Asen countries  for last few years.

    The reason would be considered using fresh fish meat instead of pork or chicken meat as main material.

    We've been developing new extending product  for more development.

    At present,  mainly  original and cheese ham sausage,  but  new products to introduce to market/consumers

    in near future.


    This is a kind of ham/sausage,   but  this is made of fresh fish meat  , instead of pork or chicken.

    For last few years,  we have taken lots of order for this product from China, Hongkong, Tailand , Vietnam and 

    other Asean countries.


    In domestic market,  this cheon ha jang sa ham sausage made a big hit and so behind of order, too.

    The reason of big hit to consumers,  the main material is fresh fish meat , not  animal meat.


    The detailed content about  SKU and prices  are inclosed on below space.


    I hope this Cheon ha jang sa ham sausage will make hit to your market, too.



    The main products are classified with Original  and cheese.

    These both priducts excluded preservatives and colorants ,   but  added milk, xylitol and nano calsium in

    both products.


    We have prepared various size/package for each consumers.

    For examples,  28g*3sticks,   15g*20sticks,  28g*18sticks,  50g*16sticks,  5g*10mini sticks and 15g*20sticks.


    The shelf life is 12months on normal temperature.


    B2B Trade
    Price (FOB) Negotiable transportation Ocean Shipping,Air Transportation
    MOQ 100 Leadtime Negotiable
    Payment Options T/T Shipping time Negotiable

    6 Four Seasons FnC co

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Hyung ki, Oh

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      office no.316 tres beau officetel, 386 gwongwang ro, paldal gu, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Other Beverages,Flour,Food Additives

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    • Company introduction

      This is trading company for foods ingredients , processed foods and  vegetables to foreign countries.

      Regarding foods ingredients ,  we've been trading cheese seasoning powder,non dairy creamer, fat filled whole milk powder and  dark brown sugar/ brown sugar. 

      Regarding processed foods ,  we have lots of products , as you can find them on company homepage ( ,

      and  regarding vegetables,  paprika, tomato and asparagus available for trading.


      Our policy is to trade qualified foods items ,with competitive in price range.

      Most of  items are manufactured by respected companies on the point of quality management  and  high  tech facility of operation system.


      we've been trying to enlarge items for foods ingredients and seasoning powdered / liquids products. 


      At present,  we have been doing business with a few of countries , but

      try to develop to more countries with OEM/ODM manufacturing.


      We've been waiting for inquiries related with foods ingredients, processed foods and  vegetables  for development.


      Hyung ki, Oh (Angelo Oh)


      president of the Four Seasons FnC co.

      tel;   +82-31-302-8530

      fax;   +82-31-302-8529












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    • Verified Certificate HALAL HACCP
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