TheRootMo oriental charcoal scalpcare shampoo

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    Charcoal DanA Meori Shampoo ☆HAIRCARE PLUS POINT☆ Scalp Improvemnet / Hair root strength / Anti-dandruff =Charcoal DanA Meori Shampoo is made with special substances that get a patent, charcoals and oriental ingredinets. This orgarnic and natural shampoo remove skin impurities and provide nutritive ingredinets effectively. Ultimetly, it is for keeping better health on your scalp and hair root. Also,our products care your weary hair and root to recover heatly hair



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    9 VU:NIQUE

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Hokyu Lee

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      Daeso-meon, Samyang-ro,752-5, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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      Bath Soap,Shampoo

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      VU:NIQUE was established in 2004, to provide our customers with ‘HEALTHY, CLEAN AND LIVELY’ values, we strive for cosmetic manufacture.

      We are manufacturing the bio-energy products with newest functional natural ingredients applying GMP manufacture system as a professional OEM, ODM, and OGM company specialized in functional cosmetics manufacture and R&D.


      VU:NIQUE is a company trying its best to develop new products with natural plant extract to provide our customers with selections for nature-friendly and functional products with nature-friendly trends like green, well-being, and LOHAS not only for food but cosmetics based on improvement of quality of life.

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