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1 Video Monster Co., Ltd.

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    Video is an important supplementary content in education. But creating quality videos can be expensive and time-consuming. But with VideoMonster, it doesn’t need to be. With VideoMonster and it’s 5,000+ quality motion graphic templates, anyone can create eye-catching videos affordably and effortlessly. Educational institutions and relevant enterprises can utilize VideoMonster's platform (or on-demand custom Systems Integration) to create videos fir educational supplements/supplies or promotional videos to market their business/mission. 

    Compared to the responsive HTML5 templates provided by most competitors, VideoMonster's motion graphic templates can captivate viewers’ attention effectively in a short period of time. As a result, more than 50% of the users are advertising/digital marketing agencies, SMEs and small businesses, confirming the service’s B2B suitability. In addition, partnerships with platforms such as WADIZ show VideoMonster’s SaaS applicability on e-commerce/crowdfunding platforms. Moreover, YouTube creators and individuals on various social media are also actively using the service to produce short form clips and intro videos.


    [Key Features]

     1) Video Templates for easy videomaking without complex editing steps

     2) 5,000+ templates for affordable and professional-quality videomaking

     3) Cloud-based rendering technology for fast completion (3 minutes) regardless of user device specification

     4) 5+ language service available (Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, English, Indonesian) as well as corresponding design fonts/elements for each unique language/culture


     1) Quality and Affordability in-one: quality templates ensure TV-commercial quality output & our pricing schedule 

     2) Local language support in service and templates (fonts also)
     3) Customization available to meet demands of 
    institutions such as visual educational supplies/notices for classes

     4) Multi-device solution providing Web/App/SaaS services 


    [Pricing Schedule]

    Common premium features: Unlimited editing; Premium image (Getty Images), Music/Font change, Video Length Adjustment

    General (subscription) - Resale of completed videos X, Single ID (Simultaneous access X), Commercial use O

      - $19 (monthly) / $120 (annual)

    Heavy (fixed-term tickets) - Can choose 'resale of completed videos' OR 'multiple IDs with simultaneous access' 

     - Negotiable. Please contact Global Team.


    SaaS - Front-end/Back-end/Customized template design

    Type A: Front-end only (customized landing page, membership DB management, etc.) - USD $7,000

    Type B: A type Service + Back-end development and management (separate server, customized resolution and file size, custom watermark if requested, etc.) - USD $19,000

    Type C: B type Service + Customized template design (starting from 30 templates) - USD $30,000


    Website: https://videomonster.com 

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    1 Video Monster Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Dong-Hyuk Chun

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      707-ho, 21, Baekbeom-ro 31-gi, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Education Training Contents

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      Video is an important supplementary content in education. But creating quality videos can be expensive and time-consuming. But with VideoMonster, it doesn’t need to be. With VideoMonster and it’s 5,000+ quality motion graphic templates, anyone can create eye-catching videos affordably and effortlessly. Educational institutions and relevant enterprises can utilize VideoMonster's platform (or on-demand custom Systems Integration) to create videos fir educational supplements/supplies or promotional videos to market their business/mission. 

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      • VideoMonster _ A solution for edu_videos and online video training

        VideoMonster – A solution for edu-videos and online video training

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