Moving Paper Robots Making Kit, Robits

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1 Robotry Co.,Ltd.

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    Product name Moving Paper Robots Making Kit, Robits Certification CE
    Category Educational Toys
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    Keyword 3d puzzle , educational toys , paper toy kit , art and craft Unit Size 24.7 * 17.6 * 0.5 cm
    Brand name Robitkit Unit Weigh 140 g
    origin South Korea Stock 500
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    ROBOTRY makes you learn robotics in more easy and fun way!

    A robot is a machine that moves automatically.

    To learn a robot, you should first understand the structure & movement of the machine. ROBOTRY can lead you to master unconsciously 5 essential robot mechanisms while completing the entire 3D puzzle.


    Not only is our paper robot able to move, but it allows you to experience core concepts of robotics while making it and playing with it. Moreover, every character has its own way of moving, hinging on different inner structures. Lastly, the Robits as a whole comprise a universe full of engaging and relatable stories.

    • All in One Craft Kit - No scissors or glue required. Just fold and crease! Meta takes about 90 min to be accomplished by a 9 year old
    • Real STEM Learning - How does a crank actually work? Robotry's Moving Paper Robot builds on core concepts of robotics, mechanics, and engineering. Note that different robots have unique mechanisms!
    • Gift for the Gifted - This 3D Puzzle Craft makes an equally wonderful gift as a fun video game or transformation robot. Such a great way for parents to connect with their kids or for friends to be even closer! To make the best of the surprise, recommended to a 9 year old or up








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    1 Robotry Co.,Ltd.

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      Robotry provides an environment for learning how to build robots in easy and fun ways. We provide an O2O platform for kids to customize, simulate, order and assemble smart toys. Young creators can bring their own robots into the real life. Everything you imagine becomes true. Make and assemble your the one and only robot in the world.

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      • Moving Paper Robots Making Kit_ Robits

        Moving Paper Robots Making Kit, Robits

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