Nanoblind Privacy film for iPhone

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    • Compatible Model(s):  iPhone 12 (6.1")/iPhone 12 Pro (6.1") by Apple 

    • WHAT IS Nanoblind privacy filme - Privacy protect your personal, private, and sensitive information hidden from other people in public area your phone. (Note:Due to this privacy cover will darken the image to prevent the peeking eyes near you,you need to turn your device display brightness up when use it.)

    • How it works - Nanoblind film is the affordable way to protect your iPhone  screen from scratches, drops, dust and daily wear. Moreover special Anti-glare coating is applied to this itme. So users can use phone in comfortable condition without finger print on moblied phone 

    • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - Trust your device to the leaders in device protection. Our limited lifetime warranty promises you’ll be protected in case your product fails which is very rare. Hard to beat a guarantee like that! (see our website for more details).

    • Other iPhone models are also prepared

    • Made in Korea

    Micro Louver technology is a way that hidden hundreds of blind filters functions as a curtain. By adjusting the viewing angle with blind filter, it can be seen vivid and clear in front of the screen, but looks dark at 25 degrees to the left and  right side of the screen to ensure the protection of  personal information. It can be seen the slight darkening due to blind lines, but this is the phenomenon of blocking existing unnecessary exposed diffused lights by blind filters. With continued use after attachment filter, it’s familiar with no discomfort at all.



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      • Nanoblind Privacy film for monitor Privacy screen film

        Nanoblind Privacy film for monitor Privacy screen film

      • Nanoblind Privacy film for I_Phone

        Nanoblind Privacy film for iPhone

      • Nanoblind hang_type Privacy filter

        Nanoblind hang-type Privacy filter

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