Nanoblind hang-type Privacy filter

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    • Perfect Privacy – Nanoblind hang-type privacy filter offers perfect function for public and high traffic areas. It uses revolutionary micro-louver technology. Anti-Scratch Technology. The acrylic filter is a universal size. The length and width may not be a perfect fit, so the filter may be a little longer and wider.

    • Privacy Screen Fits 24inch to 32inch 

    • Easy Installation – Simple, quick and convenient Micro-suction technology secures to the monitor without hassle or adhesives or hanger tapes, so you can easily use the privacy filter on and  take off your monitor in a second.


    • EFFECTIVE 2WAY PRIVACY PROTECTION : The clear view in front of the screen, but blocked the screen information from either side by limiting others’ viewing angle 60 degrees outside. So user can keep confidential information safe in public areas. For better performance, please adjust the screen brightness according to the surrounding environment.

    • Premium  : Excessive UV rays, blue light and glare will affect users’ eyesight. Four Guard Privacy Screen Filter relieves users’ eye strain by blocking 97% UV rays and reducing blue light by 45%. And also, the Privacy Screen Filter is reversible, matte or glossy. Please place the matte side facing user for reducing extra glare, and for more clear view, choose the glossy side.

    • SAFE FROM SCRATCHES & DAMAGES : Premium arcrylic helps to keep the screen safe from any damages, scratches and dust, etc.

    • Premium addtional fucntion: Nanoblind filter has premium coating for anti-bacterial and blu light cut to give more safty life for users 



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        Nanoblind Privacy film for monitor Privacy screen film

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        Nanoblind Privacy film for iPhone

      • Nanoblind hang_type Privacy filter

        Nanoblind hang-type Privacy filter

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