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    "Boohgle goal is to make the safest kitchen in the world."

    Let me introduce the world's safest cookware 'Boohgle'. 'Boohgle' uses a natural ceramic coating that does not produce cooking fumes, and is safe from harmful substances with a patented hBN coating from five countries. It also boasts a similar level of nonstick to fluororesin despite the ceramic coating.

    You'll love it if you see it in person. It is gaining huge popularity by completely solving the hygiene problem of glass caps with a completely detachable glass lid. Consumers are cheering for a completely detached glass lid that has not been seen before, and it has already topped funding in the kitchen sector in Wadiz Korea and Makuake Japan, and is also sold tremendously in Korean home shopping.

    Boohgle has a square structure. The advantage of the square structure is that it is much lighter in weight than a circular frying pan of the same size and can cook a large amount of food.

    We developed Boohgle multi-handle. All of the attached surfaces were made of silicon to compensate for the shortcomings of existing multi-handles.

    Existing multi-handles have many fine scratches when used repeatedly, but Boohgle multi-handles have no fine scratches and excellent friction.


    1) Without PFOA, not PFOA Free - The number 1 incidence of lung cancer among women is cooking fumes. 
    Boohgle frying pan's patented coating technology completely blocks cooking fumes that threaten health such as PFOA and PFOS. Protect your loved ones from cooking fumes.

    2) Patented technology in 5 countries N-Nano Cube coating - The 100% ceramic & non-stick coating not only prevents scratches that occur during cooking, but also does not burn against strong external heat. Healthy cooking can be completed only when the cooker is healthy.

    3) Luxurious all black design & detachable multi handle - Boohgle's luxurious design is reminiscent of the dining time of a fine dining restaurant. Double the value of your dishes with the detachable multi-handle.

    4) Just 12 inches of storage space is enough - The 12-inch unified boohgle set is designed to be stored in one space. By minimizing storage space, we can free up valuable kitchen space.

    5) Separation structure for complete cleaning- Since the lid's cap and cover are separated, it can completely clean even areas that can be corroded. You can make the healthiest dishes with the cleanest frying pan in the world.

    Boohgle protects you from cooking fumes with 100% ceramic.

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    1 DISPIS

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Min Kyung Joon

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      156-16 Seoksil-ro 408beon-gil Wabu-eup Namyangju-si Gyeonggi, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Cookware Sets

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      CEO: Min Kyungjun.

      Main businesses: manufacturing, production, marketing video production, printing, fitness

      Date of establishment: July 2018

      Sales: 12 billion won per year (2020)


      1) Company structure.

      DISPIS is an online commerce company based on manufacturing, production, and sales, but it continues to expand the offline fitness market, secure infrastructure in the online and offline markets. DISPIS online and offline brands generate stable sales.


      2) Vision : DISPIS has a variety of brands such as Boohgle (frying pan, pot, kitchenware brand), Red Doctor Archpad (functional insoles brand), Lara Life (food brand such as enzyme, protein), and Degreve (skin care brand through temperature control) and ultimately works with various experts to impress and make customers happy. To this end, we are sticking to the ODM production method, although it is a little slow and slow.



      3) Brand introduction.

      - FITGIRL: Offline Fitness for Women

      Currently, it has up to 25 branches, and instructors composed of top experts in the field of sports are taking various challenges, including app service development, for steady education and service inventory.


      - RedDr. : It is a brand that produces products and provides services to help customers align their body lines. Functional insoles help them with healthy and correct lifestyles. In particular, it is loved by people with uncomfortable feet and fatigue as a patented product that has passed clinical trials.


      -Boohgle: It's a new kitchen brand for the safest cooking life. Boohgle N-Nano coating technology patented from five countries enables cooking without cooking fumes. It is a brand that has been loved and talked about on home shopping and SNS to the extent that it continued to sell out the 13th round of home shopping.


      Lala Life: Lala Life, which has various categories such as enzyme life and meal life, is a brand that helps healthy eating habits of heads. It presents the healthiest diet with enzymes and protein shakes consisting only of verified ingredients in a market full of unverified ingredients and foods.




      4) Brand strength.


      DISPACE All-in-One System: Product Development-Design-Marketing-Logistics-CS Business.

      By integrating all systems, customers can receive the best services and products in the cheapest and most proven way. We provide services to customers' homes with the belief that customers' trust is the life of the company.



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