SENSOR-B ( The smart Paste-running toothbrush)

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    SENSOR-B is a battery-free smart toothbrush in which the sensor-integrated toothpaste discharge nozzle between the bristles reacts according to the brushing stage, discharges and controls the paste charged in the handle, detects the friction of the toothbrush, and selectively applies the paste only required process of brushing.

    The toothbrush, which senses the movement of the tuft and applied the toothpaste according to the brushing steps and brushing parts of the teeth, has been recognized as the most effective toothbrush to be developed in the future, but the development of the sensing nozzle for the paste-discharge has been delayed due to market conditions and technical difficulties.


    The toothpaste discharge nozzle combined with advanced sensing technology controls toothpaste discharge to optimize the pharmacological effect of toothpaste, preventing damage caused by toothpaste misuse and strong cleaning, and enabling effective brushing with a minimum amount of toothpaste.


    Sensor-B is the same as traditional toothbrush designed to use toothpaste most effectively, but it is practical and fits the characteristics of modern people seeking convenience and meets consumers' desire to raise their standard of living standards.


    1) The strong cleaning action of toothpaste and the prevention of the damage caused by misuse and overuse of toothpaste and It is hygienic by filling the paste in the handle and using it individually with a small amount of toothpaste.


    2) Depending on the step of brushing, the toothpaste can be discharged and applied evenly to the teeth by pulsating (PPI) method, and the toothpaste works without deterioration from start to finish, and the pharmacological effect of toothpaste can be optimized for brushing effectively


    3) It is designed to recharge the toothpaste after use, and it is an eco-friendly product that can be used semi-permanently by replacing the head without the hassle of putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush every time

    Paste-spreading toothbrush / Patent Approved


    1. Toothbrush Dimensions

    Length: 210 mm An Oval-shaped handle

    Long Diameter: 27mm

    Short Diameter: 24mm


    2. Color: Red, blue, Orange, Violet


    3. Product Technical Parameters

    A. The bristle is made from PBT

    soft sharp Filament with diameter of 6 mils.

    B. Source of Power: No battery needed

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