Safe Mini Tape Dispenser, Safe Mini Tape Cutter, Tape Dispenser for Kids, Home & Office Supply

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safe tape dispenser, safe tape cutter, safety item for kids, home &amp&#59;amp&#59&#59; office supply,
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    Product name Safe Mini Tape Dispenser, Safe Mini Tape Cutter, Tape Dispenser for Kids, Home & Office Supply Certification -
    Category Other Cutting & Adhesivie Supplies Material -
    Keyword safe tape dispenser , safe tape cutter , safety item for kids , home &amp&#59;amp&#59&#59; office supply Unit Size 105.0 * 47.0 * 65.0 mm
    Brand name Zzallrio Unit Weigh 50 g
    origin South Korea Stock 10000
    Supply type OEM HS code 392610
    Product Information




    <Main Description>


    It is a new concept safety tape dispenser with a blade cutting method rather than the dangerous and inefficient conventional saw blade type cutting method. 

    It cuts cleanly and the cutting force is only about 50% compared to the conventional saw blade method. 

    It is the world’s first blade-type safety tape dispenser that is safe and efficient all ages, especially for children.


    <Key Features>

    1.     Convenient & Safe Dispenser

    -        Untouchable blade

    -        Super safe


    2.     One-motion Cutting

    -        Cut cleanly in a straight line


    3.     Less force needed, Light movement & high efficiency

    -        Force-saving dispenser

    -        Easy for everyone

    -        Semi-auto cutting system


    4.     Good Portability

    -        Portable size but strong


    5.     Adorable design

    -        Compact & light weight in one hand



    1. Product Size : 

        - 105(L) x 47(W) x 65(H)mm

     2. Recommendable Tape size 

        - Hole Diameter : 26mm

        - Tape Width : up to 16mm  

     3. Tape Holder : Single (Dia. 26mm)

     4. Weight : 50g

     5. Color : White, Pink, Yellow,  Purple, 

                    Sky blue

     6. H.S. Code: 3926109000

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    4 A.S.K. Limited

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