3D Modulator

3D Modulator

Unique and newly patented technology that's approved by Walt Disney Studio

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South Korea
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3d cinema, 3d modulator, digital 3d filter,
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A&D System Co., Ltd.

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Nov 07, 2022
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
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Product name 3D Modulator Certification -
Keyword 3d cinema , 3d modulator , digital 3d filter Unit Size 405.0 * 299.0 * 420.0 mm
Brand name bestView Unit Weigh 6 kg
origin South Korea Stock 10
Supply type Available HS code 9013809000

Product Information

bestView ADF-5000 Technology Highlights 

 - Automatic 2D to 3D changeover 

   Newly developed technology makes Cinema 3D system much easier. ADF-5000 works Automatically, detecting whether video          signal is 3D or not. When, a movie signal is 2D, LCD panel go down and go up onto 3D by itself. 


 - Various projector compatibility 

   bestView ADF-5000 system fits on digital projectors from most major manufacturers. Including Christie CP2000; BARCO D-Cine premiere DP1500 and DP2000; and NEC NC1600 and NC2500. For support of other projector models, please contact A&D 3D.


 -  Easy installation and remova

    l ADF-5000 can be added to and removed very easily from projection room equipment. 


 - Low Maintenance cost. 

   ADF-5000 has longer life with automatic control and use inexpensive circular polarized 3D glasses

□ bestView ADF-5000 Requirements

  - When running the bestView ADF-5000 system

Several important requirements for optimum 3D projection must be met. The following 

equipment is required for proper functioning of the A&D 3D cinema system. Please contact 

your A&D 3D representative for a list of approved vendors.



Any DLP-based cinema projector with EFIB and version 10.0 or higher TI Soft-ware, with:

- Lamp: 2.0 KW to 6.5 KW



3D enabled DCI compliant server. Currently, Dolby, Doremi, GDC, and Kodak digital 

cinema servers satisfy this requirement. Note that the server may require its own rack, 

depending on booth configuration.


Projection screen

Silver screen size: unlimited, depending on projector model and lamp type.

Projection booth

Space: ADF-5000 system is attached in front of DCP on ceiling. So, extra space is 

unnecessary for standing.


3D Glasses

Only circular polarized 3D glasses work with ADF-5000 system. ADG-3200 would be 

match with ADF-5000 for clear 3D effect and performance

- Mount type Digital stereoscopic filter system

- Passive system  3D Image Implementation

- Filter Size : 377 x 255mm

- Aperture : 317 x 180mm

- Dark Time : 400㎲

- Efficiency : 39%±1%

- Channel Crosstalk : 0.7%, 143:1

- Delay Time : None

- Size : 405(W) x 299(H) x 420(D)m

B2B Trade

Price (FOB) 17000.0 USD transportation Negotiation Other
MOQ 1 Leadtime Negotiable
Payment Options T/T Shipping time Negotiable

A&D System Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
Recent Visit
Nov 07, 2022
Business type
205~206, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
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Other Equipment
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Company introduction

A&D SYSTEM aims to be a Global Leader in the digital 3D steroscopic industry As a pioneer in the industry, A&D SYSTEM launched its business with stereoscopic animation production. It expanded its venture into manufacturing HD 3D Servers, leading an entire generation of construction and management of HD 3D Theatres in Exhibition Halls and Museums. Continuing its innovative exploits, A&D SYSTEM has developed Digital 3D Filters(3D System) for Digital Cinematic Projectors and 3D glasses of excellent quality and design. A&D SYSTEM also leads the industry in the 3D contents sector. A&D SYSTEM produced Korea's very first 3D stereoscopic theatrical Animation titled, "My Friend Cubix", along with many other 3D animations, 3D exhibition films, and public relations films. A&D SYSTEM has been fueled by its passion for R&D of 3D industry's new technology and quality improvement of its 3D Equipment and 3D Film and Animation production. As the forefront leader and pioneer of the 3D stereoscopic industry, A&D SYSTEM will strengthen its expertise in "Digital 3D Filter System Manufacture", "3D Contents Production and Distribution", and "Virtual Reality Simulation and Technology", expanding into the global market with the launch of its domestic distribution business of 3D stereoscopic films.


Major Products & Service


- Digital 3D filter system(Cinema, Economic type)

- Silver screen


- 3D Polarized Glasses


- 3D Polarized filter


- 3D Server(HD, Full-HD)


- 3D Contents production and distribution

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