Dr.Friend Pristine Grounding Topper

Dr. friend Pristine is a sleep care bedding product made of premium eco-friendly materials and helps to create a comfortable.

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World Home Doctor

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South Korea South Korea / 2015
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Product name Dr.Friend Pristine Grounding Topper Certification -
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Beds & Mattresses
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Product Information

Dr. Friend Pristine, The start of sleep care technology for happiness


Dr. Friend Pristine is a next-generation functional sleep care brand that can provide the most comfortable and stable sleep environment. With an eco-friendly sleep care technology ‘Grounding’ and natural premium functional materials creating synergy effects, you can enjoy sound sleep.


In particular, ‘Grounding’ helps restore the balance of positive and negative charges, which are cell components. In addition, Dr. Friend Pristine contains only natural premium functional materials such as French wool and modal fabric, instead of chemical materials such as memory foam and latex.


Based on these aspects, we strive in earnest to create an optimal sleep environment.

‘Grounding’ of Dr. Friend Pristine is a concept that helps control the potential of our body, and restore the balance of positive and negative charges, which are cell components.


This is a concept that utilizes the importance of maintaining the human body's conductivity and potential balance based on electrophysiology, while various treatment methods utilizing the conductivity of the human body, such as electrical stimulation therapy, are being developed as of late.


‘G-Plug America’ plays an important role in implementing this ‘grounding’ function. Electricity does not flow into the mattress while grounding is in progress, so anyone can use it safely and with peace of mind.


In addition, various natural premium materials such as French wool, modal, and nim tree fabric improve the quality of the sleeping environment for the human body. Also, by using anti-allergen fiber and copper fiber with antibacterial properties, many people are helping to achieve the right sleep in the most comfortable and safe environment every day.


Based on these aspects, people can continue to get a good, sound sleep, which is the basis of preventive health care. Ultimately, we strive in earnest to help people lead a healthy life through sound, comfortable sleep that heals the mind and body.

1) Achievement of health care values

Now, people are suffering from various kinds of socially derived stresses and Infectious diseases (i.e. COVID-19). So, people have to take care of their health. This important value of our life can be achieved by good sleep. Therefore, we make every effort to create the most stable and comfortable sleep environment with our mantra “The moment when rest is restored.” We hope that everyone can increase the value of a healthy life through proper sound sleep.


2) The safest and most eco-friendly sleep care technology called ‘Grounding’
Grounding is a concept of natural communication that keeps the human body in the most stable and comfortable state. Dr. Friend Pristine implements this in our bedding, and anyone can feel grounding for 6-8 hours a day and strengthen the basic functions of the body.


3) Natural premium material technology

It is made with only natural premium materials that our body can feel most comfortable, and we use functional materials such as blocking allergens and possessing antibacterial functions for a safe sleep environment.


▪ A silver prize at the 2022 Geneva International Invention Exhibition (4. 22. 2022)

▪ Gold and silver prize at Seoul International Invention Exhibition (12. 7. 2021)

▪ ‘2021 World Women’s Invention Competition’ Semi-Grand Prix (10. 1. 2021)

▪ Grounding invention patent registered in SOUTH KOREA (2016)


Everyone should have a good sleep.
However, not everyone can achieve the benefit of a good sleeping environment.


For us now,
We need natural sleep care technologies for a healthy sleep every day.


Because our daily sleep not only recovers from daily fatigue, but also forms the basis
of a healthy life. It is an important element of our life.


With the belief that good sleep makes for a healthy tomorrow, Dr. Friend Pristine makes every effort to create the most ideal and comfortable sleeping environment, because good sleep is essential to our life.


Communion with nature, Grounding technology
Grounding technology contains the principle of refreshing feeling when walking barefoot on the beach or in the forest. It optimally and safely helps to maintain the cell potential balance during sleep. This also can create an essential basic environment for our body to build healthy energy while we sleep.


G-Plug America
G-Plug America is a next-generation sleep care device that realizes the benefit of “Grounding,” by blocking electromagnetic waves emitted from smartphones and computers during sleep, and helps to recover our body potential. In this way, we can naturally create a stable sleeping environment.

Based on the principle of electrophysiology that our body is a conductor, we can restore the balance of positive and negative charges of cells, which are the most basic units of our body. G-plug America contains nature so we can have more comfortable sleep every day.


Natural premium materials technology

As Dr. Friend Pristine is used closest to our body, we do not use any chemical materials such as memory foam and latex at all, and it contains only natural premium functional materials such as French wool, modal, charcoal, and copper fabric to realize natural comfort.

Also, it contains various natural functionalities such as allergen blocking fabric, cotton with antibacterial function, soft touch bio-washing fabric, etc. Thus, anyone can use comfortable bedding every day safely and hygienically without chemical stimulation.


Add functionality to our bed with sleep care technologies


The value of sleep is enhanced by eco-friendly grounding technology and premium natural materials.


With the belief that proper sleep increases the value of a healthy life, Dr. Friend Pristine is fully committed to supporting a healthy tomorrow for all customers.


More Comfortable, More Naturally
Sleep improves every day.


“The moment when rest is restored”


The Start of Sleep Care for Us All, Dr. Friend Pristine

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World Home Doctor

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2015
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