Wrtn Training (Writing Education software )

Wrtn Training is a web application with AI Tutors that helps develop logical and eloquent writing skills.

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Wrtn Technologies Inc.

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South Korea South Korea / 2021
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Product Information

Wrtn Training is a web application with AI Tutors that helps develop logical and eloquent writing skills. Everyone wants to be a better writer. However, most people struggle from the start, and getting one-on-one personal training is even more challenging. Wrtn Training’s AI Tutor understands the context of the article and recommends topics, asks questions, provides reference materials, and recommends titles customized to each user. Users can increase lexical density and develop logical thinking skills by answering questions generated from Hyperscale AI. Wrtn Technologies enhances people’s expressiveness and enables the realization of human potential in a safe environment.

Our key solution to narrowing the educational gap was Hyperscale AI. Every function of Wrtn Training is engineered to customize each user, reflecting the author’s writing style and interest. This allows students to practice writing outside the classroom. In the topic selection process, the AI Engine analyzes user input and asks questions based on this information. The AI also suggests topic-focused reference materials and provides grammar checks. Wrtn also went through prompt tuning to help the AI generate clear, context-specific questions tailored to each user. Contrary to the expectation that AI algorithms are objective and value-neutral, most AI platforms have the risk of ethical and discriminatory biases and privacy problems. This may pose a severe threat to the safety and security of people. To develop a socially responsible AI Algorithm, Wrtn has set two filters regarding ethics and privacy rights. First, Wrtn has developed our own ethics filter. This acts as a preemptive method of predicting malicious input, such as abusive or indecent language. Second, to prevent AI from entering personal data, Wrtn has developed a privacy filter that automatically detects personal information and de-identifies it. The filter also detects personal information output by the AI and goes through post-processing.

Writing spaces should be welcoming and inspiring rather than intimidating. Therefore, Wrtn focused on mainly two design points; motivation and convenience. First, to facilitate our writers, we created a writing space that is motivating, engaging, and interactive. Wrtn Training’s theme color is orange, symbolizing curiosity, energy, and warmth. Our main achievement board and icons to move to the next step is combined with white and orange, creating an encouraging environment for the user even before writing. Users can also view the works of other users, creating an interactive and inspiring environment. Second, we designed to keep essential functions visible and within easy reach for user convenience. Wrtn Training consists of 3 steps; outline, body text, and revision. Every writing step is formatted in a block structure, making it easy for users to write in paragraphs. Students may be burdened with writing long essays from scratch. However, our 3 step process and block paragraphs act as milestones to complete writing. Also, questions generated by the AI pop up conspicuously, having high visibility. The body text, reference materials, and tips for each section are all indicated on one page, making it convenient for the writer to utilize every function at a glance.

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Wrtn Technologies Inc.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2021
Business type



Lee Seyeong
364, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Computer Software
Year Established
Company introduction

Wrtn Technologies, founded on April 2021, services "Wrtn," which helps anyone express their thoughts easily using large-scale AI. Wrtn Technologies is a startup that consists of writing experts and AI engineers who have trained Gen Z writing for more than nine years. Since its establishment in April 2021, it has been granted numerous awards such as △K-Digital Grand Championship's 2nd place △ Challenge! K-Startup 2021 2nd place △ K-Global Startup Competition 1st place △ Selected Samsung Electronics C-Lab Outside batch 4. "Wrtn Training" is a service that allows users to experience writing practice by repeating the process of completing their thoughts with one piece of writing. In response to the topic entered by the user, AI asks questions and suggests recommended materials for reference. With AI’s help, user can complete a piece of writing by following the process of structuring, writing, and revising. Currently, Korean and English services are provided, and rapid expansion to other languages is possible by utilizing the characteristics of large scale AI. Wrtn Training was also selected as the honoree of the CES 2023 Innovation Award in the Software & Mobile App category. n particular, 'wrtn', an AI content platform that launched an open beta service by Wrtn Technologies in October. Wrtn generates high-quality drafts based on large-scale generation AI by simply entering keywords into more than 50 AI tools that can be used in each business situation. It is drawing attention from users in that it is possible to write long articles such as blogs, e-mail, and book drafts.

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