Vela Contour LED Neck Care Red Light Infrared Therapy Wrinkle Reduction Tightening Lifting

Optimal 630nm Red Light & 850nm Near-Infrared for Neck Care with 184 LED Lights

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Vela Contour
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beauty device home use, neck care, neck device, led mask
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Jul 17, 2024
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South Korea South Korea / 2010
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Product name Vela Contour LED Neck Care Red Light Infrared Therapy Wrinkle Reduction Tightening Lifting Certification -
Category Other Beauty Products
Other Personal Care
Other Beauty Appliance
Beauty Devices
Other Home Care
Keyword beauty device home use , neck care , neck device , led mask Unit Size 15.3 * 11.5 * 10.5 cm
Brand name Vela Contour Unit Weigh 200 g
origin South Korea Stock 9999
Supply type OBM,ODM,OEM HS code 8543

Product Information

Vela Contour V Lift LED Neck Care



✅ Optimal 630nm & 850nm Wavelength for Neck Care


630nm Red Light

This wavelength is a red visible light can penetrate into the dermis layer of the skin and light energy is absorbed at a depth of 2 to 3mm. 630nm wavelength stimulates mitochondria and activates the production of ATP which is cellular energy. As a result, the production of bioenergy in skin cells is accelerated and improves the overall metabolism activity of cells. It also promotes collagen and elastin regeneration and inhibits wrinkles providing elasticity and anti-aging effect to the skin.

Effectiveness : Reduction of fine wrinkles, Improvement of skin tones and texture, Increasing absorption of active ingredients of cosmetics


850nm NIR(Near-Infrared) Light

850nm is NIR invisible light. This NIR penetrates deeper into the skin than the visible light range of 400nm to 800nm and light energy is absorbed at a depth of 8mm of under dermis and subcutaneous tissue. This deeper penetration increases the temperature of skin cells, fostering the production of skin cells, collagen, and elastin which can improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles. NIR also stimulates skin cells to enhance blood circulation, facilitating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells processing promote the return of skin to a healthier condition.

Effectiveness : Regenerating collagen and elastic fiber, Activating skin cells and rejuvenation, Promoting blood and lymph circulation






✅ 184 LED Lights Enough to Cover Neck and Jaw Line


2 LED wavelengths x 92 LED modules = 184 LED Lights

With 92 LED modules, it emits LED light across wide areas including the front, sides and jawline of the neck.

Arranged in 7 lines, each LED module spans 8cm vertically, making it the longest among comparable LED neck care devices. Unlike existing products that only target the central neck line due to limited LED modules, Vela Contour LED Neck Care effectively improve elasticity, roughness, sagging, and brightness across the entire neck area, thanks to its number of LED modules.



✅ Irradiation of LED Light with High Density


With 92 LED modules closely spaced at a minimum distance of 3mm apart, ensures intensive emission of 184 LED lights, leaving no wrinkle untouched for excellent improvement of neck skin. Despite potential factors like reflection, refraction, or blocking that may cause loss of LED light absorption into the dermis and subcutaneous layers but Vela Contour compensates for these losses by emitting LED light from closely positioned 3mm LED modules.



✅ Safe and Reliable LED Neck Care


Completed Korean and international safety certificate

Safety has been verified by test of electronic device safety, electromagnetic wave safety and hazardous substance detection in Korea, Europe and the United States.

KC Certificate, CE EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, CE RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU, US FCC 47 CFR Part 15


Completed clinical test

Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences has completed clinical tests on 4 types of neck skin improvement effects.

Skin elasticity, Skin roughness, Skin volume, Skin brightening



✅ Ergonomically Designed to Fit Neck Area


Vela Contour LED Neck Care is developed with an ergonomic design that covers round neck area and curved collarbone conveniently. Thus, it minimizes the loss of the LED light those round and curved treatment area. By reducing the distance between the LED and the skin surface from 1cm to 3cm, the light penetrates deeply into the dermis and subcutaneous fat layers.



✅ 100% Blue Light & UV Rays Free


Blue light : Causes eye strain and various eye diseases

Blue light is frequently emitted with low power from smartphones, TVs and lightings, but the blue light from beauty devices for face and near eye can be harmful to eye health. Blue light 400-490nm has a short wavelength with high energy causing eye damage. It passes through the cornea, reaches the retina at the back of the eye, and negatively affects the nerve tissue of retinal cells. It can cause eye problems such as dryness, eyes train and blurry vision, and prolonged exposure may increase the risk of macular degeneration related eye aging.


UV rays : Cause skin aging and diseases

Exposure to UV rays can lead to rough, dry skin, increased melanin production causing hyperpigmentation such as spots and freckles, and accelerated skin aging, leading to premature aging symptoms and wrinkles. Skin damaged by UV rays and disruptions in the skin’s oil-water balance are not easily repaired.



✅ Vela Contour LED Neck Care with Vela Contour Products : 4 steps Neck Care



1. Vela Contour V Contour Serum 30ml

Apply 1-2 droppers of Vela Contour V Contour Serum to your neck, around the neck and under the chin then gently massage for absorption. If you use an excessive amount of serum, you may feel a strong heat sensation during LED treatment. The recommended amount is 1 to 2 droppers.


2. Vela Contour LED Neck Care

Wear LED Neck Care on your neck and secure it with the strap, then treat for 15 min.


3. Vela Contour V Firming Cream 30ml

After the treatment is completed, remove LED Neck Care and apply Vela Contour V Firming Cream evenly to the treated area, massaging it in for absorption.


4. Vela Contour 4D Refill V Pack 10ml x 5packs

Apply Vela Contour Refill V Pack to the treated area and remove it after 20 min.






Product : Vela Contour V Lift LED Neck Care

Model : LT-N23VL-1W

Power : 2.3W

Input : DC 5V / 0.46A

Wavelength : 630nm Red Light & 850nm Near-Infrared

LED : 184 LED Lights

Usage Time : 15 min.

Certificates : KC, CE, RoHS, FCC

Origin : Made in Korea

Manufacturer : IK MEDICO Co.

Web :

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2010
Recent Visit
Jul 17, 2024
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Bruce Kang
16426, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Beauty Appliance,Beauty Equipment,Body Massagers,Facial Care,Other Beauty Products
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Company introduction

IK MEDICO Co. is a manufacturer and supplier of beauty products with 20 years of experiences in the medical aesthetics field. We are steadily growing through support and collaboration with Korean National Organizations such as Kotra, KITA, KOSMEs and GSBC, and developing cutting-edge beauty products every year.

Our beauty products are based solely on Korea's special technologies. With over 20 years of experiences, we develop and distribute only the most trending and most effective beauty products. We have consistently and stably provided our products to beauty clinics and aesthetics, showing steady sales growth over 200% every ear. Currently we are expanding our market to export our products to Europe and Asia proving the excellence of Korean beauty technologies around the world.

Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to become beautiful by high quality beauty technology for human being, clinically proven technology and dermatologist tested technology.

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Belgium Belgium

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Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

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