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10 Exso corporation., Ltd.


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level2

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Main products SOLDERING IRON_LedSol 300
Portable Gas Irons
Ceramic Irons(GH-60A/BEX-90A/B)
Gun Type Irons

Product Information

GH60A/B, EX90A/B

  • The ceramic heating element has an excllent electrical insulation and quick heat recovery functions, there by marking soldering work quick and erricient within 10~15 seconds.
  • Unlike conventional soldering irons which have only operating wattage, GH-60A/B features two operating wattage, both 80-130W and 15-20W.
  • These wattage can be selected by simply pressing a button, allowing you to solder both large and small compoennts with a singles soldering iron.
  • Available in both straight and gun types so you can choose the type that best match your needs.
  • Specially-coated soldering trp, combined use of 100V and 200V.



Model No.
EX-90A(B) GH-60A(B)