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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog


CEO : noh su cheol


Jangteogogae-gil Paju-si Gyeonggi, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea





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Company Profile Microsolution Co., Ltd.is committed to the higher level of customer satisfaction through ongoing R&D activities to produce innovative products under the management goal of "providing the best quality products and services that improve the ever-changing quality of life of modern people." We are striving for customer satisfaction with differentiated product quality and service that puts consumers first. Based on trends and customer analysis, we develop products of the highest quality and offer differentiated products based on new technology and technique to improve the value and quality of life in line with the changing lifestyle.

Blooming Home Diffuser 150ml

•Enhances the value of interior space with luxurious fragrance using the finest aroma oil.•The delicate combination of base and perfume oil keeps a lasting smell.•The container design is suited to anywhere in the flower lead stick to have an excellent interior effect.Black cherry & CedarwoodA fragrance of the freshness of black cherry and laurel blended with a dee ...View more

Trade Price / USD 3 / 1 Pieces

MOQ / 5760 Pieces

5 kinds of deodorant

Volume: 300g Types: - [Woorizip Deodorizer & Desiccant for Fridge] It removes the odor inside the fridge and generates oxygen to maintain the freshness of the food.- [Woorizip Deodorizer & Desiccant for Toilet] It removes the odor inside the toilet and turns it into a pleasant and fragrant space.- [Woorizip Deodorizer & Desiccant for Indoor] It effectively removes odors c ...View more

Trade Price / USD 1 / 1 Pieces

MOQ / 9600 Pieces

Fragrance Beads air freshener

▪ Fragrance beads fragrance lasts about 45 days.▪ Fragrance beads air freshener is used not only in the interior space of the vehicle, but also in various spaces such as wardrobes, chests of drawers, living rooms, rooms, and bathrooms.It removes unpleasant odors and fills the space with a beautiful fragrance. (Comet Fragrance Beads Fragrance Oil is transparent or opa ...View more

Trade Price / Negotiable

MOQ / 11520 Pieces

tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog