Jusung Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Jusung Engineering Co., Ltd.



#49, Neungpyeong-Ri, Opo-eup,, Gwangju-gun,Gyeonggi-do,





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The Internet has opened up a whole new digital"e-world"where we can visit any place on the globe with a click of mouse, and now technical terms like semiconductor and LCD have become a part of our daily lives. Even at this moment, the digital world is evolving and demands new technology for handling the vast information flow at higher speed. JUSUNG Engineering has played a leading role in the technology advancement by developing the world's best CVD and Etcher equipment, which is the core of semiconductor and display technology. JUSUNG has challenged itself to be the best, and has consistently been a leader in the path to technological development. As a result, JUSUNG Engineering has gained worldwide recognition among semiconductor manufacturers as a technology leader, and has successfully expanded the scope of its business to display. Since being founded in 1995, JUSUNG has accomplished phenomenal growth in the rapidly changing international semiconductor field through the determination of management and employees to step ahead with lasting management renovation and technology development. Customers of JUSUNG have demonstrated their confidence in us through their continued use of our products. "The dream can only come true for those who dream." The present JUSUNG could only exist because of our dream to be the world's best equipment company. However, we are not content with now since we have a lot more to do in the future than before. We will continue to devote ourselves to achieving the dream of becoming the world's best company, and will continue our dedication to achieve total customer satisfaction. We will perform product research and development and will commit ourselves to meet the demands of Semiconductor and display industry to become the 21st century global leader. We will be very honored with your ever-lasting encouragement, proudly promising once more to give you a reward by the world best product. Thank you.

Solar Cell

Description The solar cell is a device that converts solar energy into electric energy. As a stabilized business that has already been successfully commercialized, the solar cell industry records a 2-digit growth rate each year as a truly recyclable and clean energy source compared to the environmental contamination due to the use of fossil fuel and persistently high o ...View more

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog