Sejong Pharmatech Co., Ltd.

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

Sejong Pharmatech Co., Ltd.

CEO : Lee, Won-woo


#419-4, Chungchun-dong, Pupyrong-gu, Incheon



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As the specialist in manufacturing pharmaceutical machineries, Sejong Pharmatech has over twenty years of accumulated know-how and excellence in making high quality and innovative pharmaceutical machines. Our machineries are made with thorough research and technological advancement to satisfy our client's needs. Being the supplier of high quality pharmaceutical machnines to more than 40 countries, Sejong Pharmatech regularly takes assessment for quality certification from the quality qccreditation agencies to comply with different countries GMP regulation and customer's specifications. Our company's top priority is to give cofidence to all our customers and to accomplish this, we are continuosly focusing on regulation and innovation. Sejong Pharmatech aims to provide its customers with the best products available, the answer to their long quest for highly innovative equipment that would provide broad range technical and mechanical excellence. Our customers' satisfaction is our greatest achievement, and pride.

Rotary Table Press (MRC-S Series)

Description A standard rotary tablet press of Sejong Pharmatech, MRC-S series is based on HMI system to ensure easy use and optimum performance. This series adopts a disk exchange method to maximize productivity improvement and cost saving effect, and is designed to have 31 holes, 45 holes, 47 holes stations as basic options so that customers can replace it with any d ...View more

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog