EZTelematics Co., Ltd.

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

EZTelematics Co., Ltd.

CEO : Kim Chang-Jin


Yesulgongwon-ro, 199., Manan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea





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Purely Made-In Korean Luxury car alarmSince 2004, EASYCAR has become a key role in high-end car alarm industry by supplying purely Made-in Korean Car alarm.Not only the factory location, all materials, labors are purely found here in Korea. It does not allow any compromise to save the cost, only top priority is high-end quality only welcomed by high-end customer.History of developmentOur president Mr. Kim, Chang Jin was former R&D director for Magiccar (widely known as Scher-Khan Magiccar in Russia). While he worked there, the following models were developed by his hand; Scher-Khan Magiccar 6, Scher-Khan Magiccar 5, Scher-Khan Magiccar 4, Scher-Khan Magiccar 3. He is also famous for developing color LCD remote for the first time in car alarm history. He was also developer in American car alarm brand Compustar. After starting the company of his own, he developed first Knock sensor that makes door lock/unlock in 2004, first OLED two way display in 2006, first LFID proximity sensor (Smart door) in 2008, first TFT LCD two way in 2008 (E702/E772), first Card type two way in 2010 (E7), first Card type two way featuring 1.5AAA in 2011 (E4). All these are the first time in car alarm industry in the world.Sales networkThere are 25 official EASYCAR dealers worldwide, EASYCAR also has a long history of making OEM for reputable car alarm brands such as Mongoose, Clifford, Zenesis, Inspector, Vigilant, Centimax.3 factors makes us outstanding1) its unique design such as E4, E8, E72) convenience features such as Easy door lock (Car door lock/unlock by 4digit pad), Smart door (Auto door lock/unlock as you approach to the car or away)3) Ultimate security solution as Smart key system (door is open, key is in ignition but stop start the engine)

Car Security System -LCD

Car Security System LCDEV402AS FM 433.92MHz / LCD / Easydoor Lock / Arm / Diasarm / Truck Release / Panic / Anti-car Jack / Door, truck and hood lid monitor / Start-kill / Ignition-kill / Shock Sensor / Owner call / 6Tone Siren / Passive / Time to Rearming / Vibration / Remote start / Turbo / Ignition Lock / Preheat time / Alternator sensing / Second car / Siren Mute / Q ...View more

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog