tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog


CEO : JIN Seong Gue


49B5L Namdong Industrial Complex, 439-4 Nonhyun-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea



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Sungwon J.S is a one of leading company specializing in design, manufacturing and installation of various shop display stands (Gondola, showcase) and warehouse/logistics racks (pallet racks, light/heavy racks). Established in 1987, the company's 26 years of experiences have resulted in the recognition of its excellent design and quality as a supplier of quantitatively and qualitatively good products to various domestic client such as Homeplus, eMart, Tesco, Samsung Digital Plaza and Food/Beverage companies and overseas market. Further more information of Sungwon J.S, you are kindly requested to visit our homepage ( or contact us. Thank You.

Sliding (Flow) Pallet Rack

An appropriate system for the logistics warehouse. With flow pallet rack involves gravity flow conveyors for pallets. Installation flow pallet rack can generate space savings of about 35% compared to single pallet rack. Converting an existing warehouse area from single pallet rack to flow pallet rack can accommodate approximately 50% more pallets

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog