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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog


CEO : Jamin Cha


109-6, Dabyeot-gil, Byeonggok-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea





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OCKSUJUNG BAMBOO SALT CORPORATION The Original Since 1926 SALT OF JOY HERITAGEIn 1926 Dr. Kim Il-hoon invented the Bamboo salt for the first time in Korea. Since 1926, the Bamboo salt has been made with the same traditional artisan methods. Dr. Kim (1909-1992) was a famous doctor and a philosopher in Korea FAMILY BUSINESSDr. Kim’s only-daughter and grandchildren have been running the business in the mountains of southern Korea following three generations since 1999. BRANDOcksujung is the brand of our company, a combination of the words from the founder Ms. Kim Youn-ock’s name and Sujung (水精), standing for salt in Chinese characters. UNIQUE QUALITYOcksujung has 5 registered patents on the technologies to manufacture bamboo slat. Ocksujung’s bamboo salt complies with the highest standards of appearance under Korea Standard (KS) of bamboo salt.Ocksujung’s bamboo salt is manufactured under the techniques passed down for generations, therefore pure and hard with a clear crystal. Our techniques and knowhow maintain the quality of ‘pure bamboo salt’ almost perfectly.Ocksujung always pursues the best and produces each salt ore as precious as a diamond. PERFECT PARTICLES FOR COOKINGOur unique bamboo salt particles – fine particle and thick particle – add to the qualities of bamboo salt in terms of both flavor and texture, suitable to various dishes and loved by the chefs and aspiring cooks all over the world. HEALTH BENEFITSOcksujung bamboo salt absorbs energy in the manufacturing process, being a favorite ingredient not only for cooking but also for boosting immunity, detoxication and treatment.In the manufacturing process, the Bamboo Salt obtains the richness in minerals and antioxidants. It becomes a high quality culinary ingredient and also health supplement for boosting immunity and detoxification. CERTIFICATIONOcksujung’s entire bamboo salt products are kosher certified and get verified every year.The designs of bamboo salt container won Good Design Awards in Korea. It depicts a bamboo joint and packages show each different story.

Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic 100g Coarse / gourmet, crystal

Bamboo Salt HistoryDeep in Myohyangsan Mountain of Korea in 1926, Kim Ilhoon invented bamboo salt that was roasted nine times, which is the same as the manufacturing method of Ocksujung. He acquired a clue from the manufacturing method of medicinal salt that was passed down from generation to generation and developed the current bamboo salt through his in-depth research a ...View more

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog