HAN-BAEK FOOD Agricultural Co.,Ltd

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog

HAN-BAEK FOOD Agricultural Co.,Ltd

CEO : Park Hang-hee


GWANGJANG-RO,624-33, Goesan-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea





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Han Baek Food uses only natural ingredients without using chemical ingredients or manufactured oils to move beyond the prejudice that instant food is bad for body with a motto of ‘fast! delicious! healthy!. It is a premium handmade laver, roasted one by one that is different from laver made with the popularized machines of modern day. Master Hee’s laver uses a lot of premium oil that is good for your body, and you can feel the rich roasted taste with its unique flavor. We are hygienically produced and managed based on HACCP, HALAL certification. Those who have tried our hand roasted seaweed at expo fairs in overseas countries well know that they love our unique smoky flavor and expressed their interests in our products. But, it was not easy to make those expressions of interest into contract as our prices are fairly high compared to the prices of other companies whose products are machine made. So, we have been experimenting for several years to create products for which we use machines to roast while keeping the smoky, hand – roasted taste in tact. We very recently were successful in doing so and had it patented!Following years of research and testing, we have developed technology which deactivates the ingredient in perilla oil that causes oxidation (not disclosed). This is what sets apart Park Hyang Hee’s Laver from other hand-roasted and mass-produced laver of other companies. Exportation of these products to even the hottest and most humid countries has been made possible with the use of HanBaek’s unique oil oxidation prevention methods, allowing best before dates to be up to four times longer in comparison to the products of other companies.

Roasted Laver snack with shrimps

Master Hee's Roasted Laver snack with shrimps │ DESCRIPTION │ Only all-natural ingredients such as shrimp, onion and shiitake mushrooms have been used in the laver snack to promoteboth taste and nutrition for peopel for all ages. │ SPECIFICATION │ product name : Master Hee's Roasted Laver snack with shrimps category : laver material/ingredient :Seaweed(laver), ...View more

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tradeKorea tradeshows company E-catalog